Peter Kay’s Car Share Series 2 Review

Peter Kay’s Car Share is done for another year, well, done, done. Apparently. Peter say’s it’s Done. No more Car Share.

I can see his point, there’s only so much you can base inside a car, but from the total of 10 episodes, I think for people who still have to do the daily commute as part of the rat race, there was so much of this that rang home. So it was no surprise there was a bit of a public outcry and even petitions launched when it was announced the show was to end. Especially the way it ended. More of that later.

Unlike the first series, there was only 4 episodes in this second series. Taking almost a full 12 months to film & post produce. Car Share as Peter put’s it, is hard work.

The first episode picks up right from where the first series ended. It’s a good job Peter and Sian have seemingly not aged too much in the time space. It reality it was almost 2 years from the airing of the last episode of the first series to this series 2 opener.

Kayleigh begins her journey to work, which seems to involve a bit of walking, a bus, a train, and maybe another bus, but John picks her up after she’s got off the train. In between we’re dealt a dose of constant phone calls from Kayleigh to John whilst he is driving. A bit of a pet peeve for me, this would have seriously pissed me off. The major comedy moment from the episode being a road rage incident with a cyclist, who puts his drink of the roof of John’s car.

Rating 4/5

The second episode sees John and Kayleigh off to their annual works do, in fancy dress. On the way back a drunk Kayleigh has befriended Elsie, also drunk and dressed as a smurf. Again I’m sure this is something all ‘designated drivers’ have had to deal with at some stage. Especially as Elsie is the typical drunk and doesn’t even seem to know her way home. What a nightmare. Not helped by the fact after he has dropped her off, and Kayleigh, Elsie phones back up to say she’s left her inhaler in the car. All the way back John has to drive again. Whilst we’ve all been there, this is probably the weakest episode of the whole show.

Rating 2/5

Episode three sees Kayleigh convince John to bunk the day off. After phoning in sick herself, in a moving car I might add, she accompanies John to his meeting at the Wigan store, but remains in the car. Upon John’s return she’s gone walkies, but comes back with a full on picnic to enjoy in the car. They visit the Safari Park, and eventually end up in the monkey enclosure, which is where all hell breaks loose. Anyone that’s been brave enough to take the car through the Monkey section of the Safari park will again be familiar with the pain of doing this. Ending the day at the coast for an ice cream, a sudden yellow fluid starts coming down the front windscreen, when it’s revealed a Monkey is on the roof. In scenes that have to be watched to appreciate follows a good 5+ minutes of pure laugh of loud comedy with the monkey all seatbelted in the back seat as they attempt to return him to the Safari park.

Rating 5/5

In the final episode of the show, we see John picking up his Nan in order to stay indoors to wait for a parcel. Oh how we’ve all been there. Within minutes of him dropping her off, she phones to say the parcel has been. Typical. It’s too late now, he’s on his way to work, Nan needs to stay there for the rest of the day. Upon arriving to pick Kayleigh up, she’s somehow locked in the house. Unable to get out, and after trying to pull her through the window, a locksmith is called out to change the lock (Don’t know why they didn’t just have the locksmith break in, they seem pretty good at it from a more than once personal experience of locking myself out!) After changing the locks, they find the spare key under the plant pot which is where they were going to leave the new key. On the journey home, Kayleigh opens up her heart and tells John how she feels. Like a typical scared bloke. John is unable to tell her his true feelings and keeps avoiding the question and trying to turn the radio up. In the end, Kayleigh leaves the car, and gets into a taxi. A dream sequence follows in which John gets out and walks up to the taxi in stand still traffic and reaches for her and passionately kisses her. However the sequence is ended when Nan rings back up, and John tells her he is on his way, and he is ‘done.’

Rating 4/5

Overall Series Rating 4/5

It’s worth mentioning the soundtrack to both series has been superb. The Forever FM, which mocks commercial local radio is done spot on, down to the typical man & woman breakfast show team, the adverts, the ‘golden hour’ and plenty of classic 80s tracks which just adds to the experience of the show, and to what all we drivers can relate too.

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