Forgotten ‘Local Items’ Keychain Password

If you work in a corporate network that is controlled by Microsoft Active Directory then you will most likely at some point come across keychain issues with your Mac users. Especially when they have to reset their passwords. Either the login keychain or the local keychain will get out of sync.

It’s worth noting if the local keychain is called the icloud keychain instead, then the user has connected their Mac up to an iCloud sync keychain instead.

If the user has reset their password, and has no idea what the local keychain password is, then you can reset it using the terminal.

  1. Open terminal
  2. cd ~/Library/Keychains
  3. ls
    1. When you ‘ls’ here you will see a folder that contains a bunch of random number liks so:
    2. 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464  (this number is unique on each system)
  4. rm -rf 94ED610F-DD96-4ECF-A2BC-7D2F8651A464
  5. Reboot
  6. <when you log back in everything should be back to normal>


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