Alien: Covenant Review

Alien: Covenant Review

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a massive Alien fanboy. I won’t digress on the other films too much, but I think most people will agree that the first two are brilliant in their own right, whilst 3 is like Marmite, and pretty much everything that’s come since has been pretty awful bar Prometheus which was average at best.

Covenant continues Ridley Scott’s telling of the events before the original Alien film, and is set 10 years after the events of Prometheus which left us with more plot holes and questions instead of  answers. Will Covenant answer them. If FOX and Ridley want to milk this franchise further, then the answer will probably be no.

Covenant is a colonisation ship setting out for the far reaches of the galaxy, taking about 8 years to get to it’s destination. The crew, and the colonists are all in hypersleep, whilst synthetic Walter is making sure the ship and it’s cargo is all running smoothly.

An undetected space event occurs while the Covenant is re-charging which forces Walter to wake the crew in order to repair the ship. Whilst everyone is awake, Covenant detects another planet ideal for terraforming, which is much closer than their original destination, plus an unknown transmission that sounds human is coming from the planet. Surely alarm bells should start ringing here that maybe this isn’t a planet for terraforming, but hey! So off they go, and set foot on the planet to look for this transmission and to see if the planet is a good alternative.

Upon exploring, they discover a crashed ship, which we are assuming is the engineer ship from Prometheus. Although flash back scenes later show it arriving safely, so this is not really explained, unless I missed something. Elizabeth Shaw’s dog tags are found as well as her transmission, which is just her singing. Meanwhile two crew members have inhaled some nasty bugs after stepping on some small nest type things. Not too much longer neomorphs (apparently that’s the name they have been given) are bursting out of their backs. On the landing ship, all hell breaks loose and it goes up in flames. On the planet the neo is also running wild, but out of nowhere comes David, the synthetic from Prometheus to save the day.

Off they go to where David is living which looks like the remains of the engineers civilisation. How Covenant’s scanners didn’t pick up all this landscape is a mystery.

It’s here where more deaths occur, and after some not so truths from David, we see the creation of the first Xeno after he convinces the captain to take a closer look inside an egg.

Alien soon becomes large, all hell breaks loose, fights between synthetics and a massive action scene to get back abroad the Covenant.

Once back on the Covenant it appears either the same Alien or another (not sure how it got created if it’s another one, and not quite sure how the same one could have got back on the ship) is discovered and more deaths and battles to blast it out into space ensure.

Upon going back into Hypersleep Daniels realises the synthetic on board is not Walter, but David, but it’s too late as we see David bring up some small facehugger eggs and plant them with the other embryos. So another film on the way for sure.

Whist the film has a few plot holes again, and more questions still, it’s a film Alien fans will enjoy and there’s plenty of nods to the original film if you watch and listen closely. I’m not quite sure where we go from here, and David’s creation of the ‘Perfect organism’ still has some explaining to do, as does what happened on the planet they just left. It’s not really explained why in one scene there’s a crashed engineer ship, and in a later scene of David explaining to Walter that they arrived safely and then David let all the black goo loose to infect the entire planet upon arrival. Home of the engineers wiped out in seconds?  or just one of their outposts. Considering the whole point of this new saga is to arrive at the original alien film, then surely the engineers cannot be finished with just yet.

What we do get is a good first half of exploring and suspense, much like the original Alien film, and then a second half of action and terror to please fans of the Aliens film. People saying the film doesn’t offer anything new, well, quite frankly I’m not sure what you can do new. Everyone knows what the Xeno looks like before even seeing the film, so there’s no point hiding it in the dark, it might as well be seen in its full terrifying glory.

My score: 8/10

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