TV I’m looking forward too.

There’s not too many better ways to waste your time than watching trailers for the upcoming seasons of your favourite TV shows or new ones you’re looking forward to checking out.

Here’s my list of must watch TV for the coming months.

Twin Peaks

The first two episodes have already aired in a double opener this past weekend. I love Twin Peaks and the majority of David Lynch’s work. The first time round was full of so many twists and weirdness that the new season has a lot to live up too. The fact Laura Palmer has fulfilled her promise to Coop that she’ll see him again in 25 years time is just fantastic for fans of this cult show.

House of Cards

Just days away now, The Underwoods are back in season 5 of House of Cards. Looking to strengthen their stranglehold on the White House. I wonder if the writing for this season will have hit a curve ball like Homeland did with the surprise of Trumps election win, or if they fore sore it to relate to current political climates. Time will tell.

Game of Thrones

A new trailer has just landed for Season 7 of this incredible show which is the inspiration behind this post. It seems like forever since we’ve had a date with our heroes and villains of Westeros. The great war is coming, and I’m sure it’s going to epic.

Stranger Things

Coming in October, I didn’t think we’d see a Season 2 of this If I’m honest, but after being a massive surprise hit for Netflix last year then I guess it’s not surprising. Possibly the weirdest show to hit TV screens since, well, Twin Peaks. This throwback love story to the 80s horror was fascinating. Let’s hope Season 2 doesn’t do a Heroes!

Star Trek: Discovery

Finally a new Star Trek series. Originally set to start airing in January of this year, we’re still waiting for the premiere of this troubled production. At least now we have a trailer and a possible hint that we should see it this year. I’m a massive Star Trek fan and a little annoyed we’re still lurking in the past for a new series. Based between Enterprise and the Original Series, Discovery tells us the story of the Federation and Star Fleet 10 years before Kirk and Spock set out on their 5 year mission. Why not jump another 80 years after The Next Generation, and inspire some new gadgets, the Star Trek reboot feature film left that Universe in a fantastic place with the destruction of Romulus and needs to be explored.

The Orville

After mentioning Star Trek, The Orville has to follow. Seth Mcfarlane better known for Family Guy is staring in his first live action show. Seth is a massive Trekkie and even had a few cameo roles in Enterprise. Due to the constant delays to Discovery it looks like this is going to end up airing at the same time, I wonder if Mcfarland planned for that originally.

Honourable mentions

The following should also drop this year or early next, but as of yet have no trailers. Peaky Blinders Season 4, The Walking Dead Season 8, Westworld Season 2, The X Files Season 11 and Vikings Season 5.

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