Twin Peaks Season 3 so far – It’s happening again!

You didn’t expect this to be a smooth ride did you?

It must be interesting to see if any of the millennium generation are watching this and keeping up. Pick your phone up for 2 minutes and you’ve probably missed something that’s going to mean something further down the line. Hell, it’s difficult enough for me as I’ve discussed here but luckily the weirdness of what is going on before me is enough to keep my eyes fixated on the screen.

So far, we’ve manged to get double episodes. I believe from next week it starts going back to one episode a week, until the finale. This is both a blessing and a curse. Like me you probably don’t want this trip to end too soon, so will be thankful that the pace will be slowing down, on the flip, so much TV I watch these days is binged, so having to wait, is also a massive let down when you’re in that, just one more episode mode, but then realise there’s nothing more to see.

So far, we’ve got the beginnings of a new murder mystery. Two separate bodies, a head, and a body belonging to someone else is found in an apartment. The School principal is the chief suspect after his prints are found all over the place, but he only ‘dreamt’ of being there, so we are led to believe? Is this where Bob has moved himself onto.

Did this man kill Ruth Davenport?

However we go on to find out that Coop, is as far as we can tell, is still possessed by Bob, as we saw at the end of the original run some 25 years ago. The real Coop is still stranded in the Black Lodge. Laura as promised some 25 years ago, reappears to see him. Along with one of our small friends and an odd talking tree, Coop realises he needs to escape the Black Lodge and his doppelganger must return.

Evil Coop is now on the road and searching for information regarding our lead suspect Hastings, oh and he’s also killed two more whilst on the road. At the moment, none of this is really makind sense.

Meanwhile in New York……………….

Some crazy shit is happening regarding a glass box, which is being watched by a guy and numerous cameras, all they are watching for, is if anything appears. it’s here we see a girl called Tracey (Played by Madeline Zima who you may recognise from Californication) always attempting to sweet talk her way into this area with the boy she is either dating, or wants to date. When the security guard vanishes it doesn’t take much for her to convince him to let her in. Within minutes the pair are naked and romping on the sofa. Of course it’s at this point we get some darkness in the black box, and a shadowy figure, followed by some mutilating deaths for our young couple. Gutted, I was hoping we’d see more of Zima!

Madeline Zima who you may remember from Californication

Towards the end of episode two we see Coop having fallen from the Black Lodge hurtling downwards towards, yup, Manhattan, he appears in the glass box, but there’s nothing to see.

So episode three starts with Coop still falling and landing in what appears to be a drifting house in space. In a room he finds a woman in a red dress with no eyes. Weird, but something to expect from a Lynch story. There’s some violent banging, and Coop heads towards what looks like a safe door with 15 written about it. Might mean something later? They eventually climb up onto the roof of the tin can, still in space, she pulls a lever, gets electrocuted and falls off into distant space. Coop sees a face in the stars and simply quotes “blue rose” I get the feeling that might be important later. (It’s an important reference from the original run and film.)

Coop returns inside, meets another woman, and another safe, this one number 3, it appears he must go forward into one of them, whilst he magically manages to drift into one, this causes evil Coop to crash his car.

However good coop, doesn’t reappear where we expect him, instead we see him in a room, with another woman, where it appears he has just paid for some good times. Meet Dougie Jones. When Coop appears to possess Dougie, he seems to lose the ability to do much. The original Dougie, also a Coop dobbleganger by the look of it, is told by the one armed man in the Black Lodge that he has been manufactured and now has served his purpose, whatever that is, and vanishes into a puff of smoke.

Anyone else losing track of all these Dale Coopers?

Dougie, given 5 dollars by his prostitute friend (who said prostitutes can’t be kind and friendly) hits the Casino, where with seemingly the help of the black lodge, hits numerous jackpots on the trot.

It’s after this that we are reunited with some of our FBI friends, one played by Lynch himself, and we also get to meet Denise again, the transgender played by David Duchovny. They are investigating the mystery in New York regarding our glass box and our mutilated young couple. Its during a briefing that they apparently receive a phone call asking them to go South Dakota, where a long lost Dale Cooper has been found.

It’s here we see a bizarre performance from Naomi Watts, as Dougie’s wife, she bizarrely doesn’t seem to notice that her husband hardly speaks, can’t dress himself, needs help getting to the toilet and, has oh, lost 50lbs. Maybe it’s something to do with the wads of cash he brought home from the casino that makes her overlook all this. Who said women didn’t like money!

Naomi Watts as Janey-E

Watts isn’t the only big name cameo in episode 4, Michael Cera also shows up as Wally Brando. Lucy and Andy’s son. Not quite sure as of yet, if there was a point to the scene other than getting another high profile name involved.

Going back to the murder from episode one, the cops finally get a match to some prints on the body, however they don’t belong to our head teacher, and the prints are classified. Military access only. Interesting….

Our FBI guys and gal, arrive to interview bad Coop, he tells them he has been working undercover for the past 25 years and needs to be debriefed by Jefferies. Our FBI guys however don’t seem to believe him, it’s pointed out between the 3 of them outside that the car was heading in the wrong direction to where he said he was going, and more importantly, that’s not the voice of Dale Cooper!

It’s in this parking lot where one of our FBIs asks if the other understands what is happening. Well, I’m glad somebody does, because I’m confused as hell.

He just responds with Blue Rose, told you that tid bit from episode 3 would end up important…..

So that’s where we are so far in a nutshell. As before I’m enjoying being confused to high hell, and not really having a clue what is going on. It keeps me wanting more, and to find out what is really going on. Who killed Ruth Davenport, who did the other body belong too? What’s it got to do with Laura Palmer, if anything? Will Coop get his own body back? What’s going on with the Black Lodge! Oh and I never even touched on what Hawk is looking for at Twin Peaks Police station, yes some of this is even based in Twin Peaks still!

Season 3 early rating 8/10

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