Computer does not have the necessary usb software support

A recent random problem that I came across at work. For love nor money could I get a HP2055dn to install on one of our Acer laptops. It just kept coming up saying the computer does not have the necessary usb software support when using the standard HP software.

Attempting to use inbuilt Windows drivers beforehand just kept causing the printer to error when printing.

After a lot of googling I eventually found a post that gave the solution.

The details are as per below.

Click the Start button and type %temp% into the search bar, then open the shown Temp folder.

Open the latest HP installation folder which begins with 7z (e.g. 7zs1234)
Open the Setup folder.
Locate the usbready.exe file and rename it into usbready.old.exe
Browse back to the main extraction folder (the folders who starts with 7z) and launch the hpSetupz.exe file.


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