USB Floppy drive in Windows 10

Yes. It happened! Can you believe it. Someone came into work, and needed to get some files off an old floppy drive!

Once we scrambled to find a USB floppy drive, we came across another problem, of course, thing’s just aren’t as simple as you’d always like them to be.

Windows 10, despite making the nice USB device connected sounds and seeing the device in device manager, did not want to know. Searching online for drivers didn’t work either from within device manager.

So, off we scrambled for Samsung USB floppy disc drivers. Not surprisingly, Samsung had removed the drivers page from their website and much googling didn’t bring up results either that I wasn’t really willing to attempt to install onto my computer anyway, as they would probably have installed some other rubbish!

Eventually I found another site that suggested installing the inbuilt NEC Systems, USB floppy drive driver. Which worked!

So for future reference. Plug in the USB floppy drive into the computer. Right click the Windows start logo and choose device manager.

You should see the floppy drive listed with an exclamation mark underneath it.

Right click it and select update driver software.

Next select browse my computer for driver software. Click Next.

Select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer. Click Next.

Highlight show all devices and click next.

Next on the left hand side, select NEC Systems, and then on the right select NEC USB Floppy. Click Next.

You’ll receive an update driver warning. Click Yes.

The driver will install, the USB floppy drive will come to life, and you’ll be able to get to those ancient files.


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