How to hide a Windows Update

Last month, Microsoft released a security update for Office 2010, that caused a number of issues with attachments.

For our users, it was mainly our PAs who attach documents to their directors appointments to help them be fully prepared for the next meeting. The problem was the attachment would not load.

Microsoft published an article on the issues and how to resolve them:,2017

However the workarounds suggested were just not workable to our PAs in a fast paced office environment.

As we didn’t want to pull the update for all users, as after all, it is a security update, we instead decided to take the risk and document which users had the update disabled.

Firstly, go to your installed Windows Updates which can be found in add/remove programs and uninstall the KB in question. Next we need to disable the update from installing again.

In Windows 7 go to Windows Update, and manually search for updates, select the link for the number of found updates, and then select the update, right click it, and select hide this update.

Windows 10

With Windows 10, it’s a bit more difficult, you need to install another package, provided by Microsoft, don’t let the title of the article put you off, it will also allow you to hide any kind of Windows update from installing on your system:

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