The Meat Shack @ 17 Thorp Street Review

Back on the 12th August after our visit to Thinktank we decided to grab some grub, I’d been dying to go to The Meat Shack since it opened, and finally had my opportunity.

If you’ve been a visitor to Digbeth Dining Club over the years, you’ll probably know all about The Meat Shack already. I’ll be honest, when I planned visits to DDC, I generally planned it around The Meat Shack being in attendance.

The Meat Shacks tag line is dripping filthy goodness. From that alone I think you get a pretty good idea of the type of burgers you’re going to be served.

As well as all that burger goodness Meat Shack serves a range of sides, fries, veggie options and also some craft beers. I opted to get my drink from downstairs in the bar area and take it up with me.

I had the dutch piggy (£8) described as “Aged beef patty, dripping dutch cheese, american cheese, streaky bacon, iceberg red onion, ketchup, & chipayo” along with a side order of chipayo fries (£3) “skin on seasoned fries, covered in chipayo sauce”

Anyhoot, not the greatest picture of a burger and fries you will ever see:

Just uploading this picture makes me want another.

It’s difficult not to swear to emphasis just how good this burger was, it was sensational. Seriously, if you are in Birmingham city centre and opting to go to somewhere like Five Guys for a Burger and fries fix, then you’re an idiot. Take the short walk to Thorp street instead and pay £11 for the above. Better food and it’s cheaper too!

The meat just tastes so good, cooked to perfection and the patty is just the right size, toppings and sauces are added in such a way, that despite  also being filthy and dripping, doesn’t actually make that much mess and generally stays in one piece. Awards should be given just on that alone.

When we arrived just shortly after 2pm on a Saturday to miss the lunch time rush, there were only one other couple sat down. When we left not long after 3pm there was literally nowhere else to sit. It wouldn’t surprise me if another venue opens up within the next 12 months, or they move to a bigger premises.

The Meat shack can be found at 17 Thorpe Street which is just around the corner from the Birmingham Hippodrome.

The Meat Shack Website

*I was in no way approcached to do this review, and no goods or money were exchanged to influence the decision to do this review. Burgers/sides and drinks were all paid for with my own hard earned cash.


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