Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Review

I’ve been using Logitech webcams for several years. There’s many benefits to using a separate webcam to the one that’s attached to your laptop or all in one. For one you can move it, rather than yourself to get a better shot, and the more obvious reason, the quality is much better.

Upon starting blogging again I knew I needed to upgrade the camera I currently had if I wanted to do live broadcasts, or start doing some video reviews of things. In hindsight, when it comes to doing video reviews an actual camcorder or DLSR would be a better choice, but as those can cost into the hundreds if not thousands, for what I wanted it for, a new good quality webcam should do the job. I’ve also recently secured a new position at my place of work, so now that I’m generally stuck in a room with one other person, communicating with others around the business requires Skype for Business, there’s also the opportunity to work from home.

So it seemed like I had all the excuses I needed to make yet another tech purchase.

Happy with my Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 which was now getting on for about 10 years old and still throwing me out in glorious 720p HD over Skype it seemed a no brainer to stick with Logitech. I’m all for cheap tech if you can find the tool that does the job and doesn’t look like it’s going break down on you within a month, or is just something to dip your toes into that world before deciding on a better product, but for the content I ‘may’ want to throw out there it seemed like sticking with one of the best manufacturers out there was the best idea.

The HD Pro Webcam C920 by Logitech has been the webcam of choice now for bloggers, skype & Twitch users for almost 5 years. Knocking reviews out of the park with it’s clear 1080p HD video and clear stereo audio. On many sites it is still to this day the recommended camera to buy, some 5 years after release. But, what’s this. Logitech gave it an upgrade in the past 12 months. The C922 Pro Stream webcam, with background replacement technology and even comes with a little desk tripod. Perfect for idiots like me!

So did the best get better, or did Logitech take a backwards step?

I guess in reality, I’m not qualified to answer that question, after all, I never owned the C920, so I can’t give a like for like comparison.

What I can say however is, that for the price difference, it seems a no brainer to buy the newer tech, It’s about £15 more than the older version, so why on earth would you try and save £15 on tech that’s over 5 years old.

On paper, and visually there’s not a lot of difference between them. The C922 does however offer 720p video at 60fps. The design is also very similar, so unlike other tech companies, it was good to see Logitech stick to the ‘if it isn’t broke, it doesn’t need fixing’ rule.

Both come with tripod mounts, something many many webcams are missing in this digital age, and it’s a massive trick to be missing, so it’s no wonder Logitech come out trumps for so many users of Skype and Twitch.

Also like the C920, both sides of the camera have forward facing microphones, which as far as communicating over the Internet goes, will serve you well. If you’re looking to do high quality tutorial videos however, you might want to look at adding an external microphone. Sound quality for me, will always trump the quality of the video.

The USB lead comes in at a good length also, 6 foot, so even if you’re attaching this to a tower desktop system that’s sat on the floor, you shouldn’t need to go out and find yourself a USB extension lead, seems on the design front, Logitech have thought of everything.

Video quality is fantastic, which I guess shouldn’t come as a surprise either knowing that the C920 has been out performing newer models for over 5 years, you’ll look super sharp to your buddies, so make sure you’ve popped your spots or applied your makeup first! 😉

A rather challenging situation with rain out the front, and sunshine coming from the back, but it dealt with the light situation quite well.

The standard Logitech software that’s been doing the rounds for many years, will enable you to enhance this further, as well as zoom in/out or enable face tracking to perfectly have you in the right focus at all times, should you slightly move in your chair a little forwards or backwards.

So at this point you might be thinking, hold on, you told me to spend an extra £15 on this new bit of kit, but from the sounds of it, it’s not really that much different from the old model, save a lick of paint here and an updated logo there.

Personally, I think the desk standing tripod alone, at least adds £5-£10 to the value of the newer package.

What about the other £5.

Well that comes with the software, and that’s really where users of Twitch for example have been catered for allowing you to replace or remove your background entirely, leaving just you as if you’re in front of a green screen.

It’s all virtual, the software, provided by Personify, will aim to detect your head and shoulders and remove everything else around it. Or, if you prefer, you’re able to easily add in a replacement background instead. When it works. When I say when it works, it’s because it’s quite hit and miss, Ideally you still need a very blank background behind you, or it just get’s really confused. It also needs a bit of welly. Odds are if you’re using your PC for gaming anyway, you’ll have the processor the handle it.

When it’s not confused, it works quite well, and you can add your own backgrounds as I have done here.
When Personify doesn’t quite work as well.

If you’re after a new webcam, and have around £100 budget for a new one, then I can’t recommend it enough

*I was not approached by Logitech to write this review, the camera was purchased with my own hard earned cash. The Amazon link to purchase this product is my own personal affiliate link.


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