The Male Rosacea Diary – September 2017

I know a few of you have been excited about reading my next instalment in the male rosacea diary, or you were just taking the piss. Either way here’s September’s update.

There’s not a whole lot to report I’m afraid so this is going to be pretty short and sweet.

I ended last month’s diary entry detailing how I’d visited my GP and had been prescribed Metrosa gel to put on my face.

So how am I getting on with it?

Actually, really well. I am surprised at the difference the gel has made in a short space of time, especially as my GP billed it to me that it could take several months for any improvements.

Within a few weeks, my skin was considerably less red, and coverage of the redness has also lessened. This did actually happen within a couple of weeks, so the immediate response, seemed to happen quite quick. From what I can gather this is quite rare. Looks like I got lucky for once.

After a few more weeks there has not been much change, so the effects of the treatment is obviously now stagnating, but I shall carry on, and see if the remaining redness continues to calm down.

It’s also worth noting my skin is also much smoother, there’s no flakyness and also no rough bumpy skin.

So to say I am impressed is an understatement. I’ve still got a few weeks left before I need to revisit my GP, so will probably save my next entry until after that.

It’s worth noting I am also keeping up with my dieting plans. Mainly eating fresh food & veg/salad and cooking it when I get home. I’m also keeping up with my exercising routine.

Below is several pictures of me out and about over the last few weeks, hopefully you can see the improvements compared to last month’s entries.

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