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I’ve been on a music download splurge over the past weekend, with so much choice it’s difficult to keep up with your favourite artists. Sure I could follow them on twitter and sign up to their mailing lists, but twitter is noisy enough as it is. I’m going to miss those tweets. I could like them on Facebook, but then I’ll be targeted for loads of adverts and again, adding in loads of likes in facebook just makes a noisy feed, more noisy, and I’m likely to miss out on what might be an important post from a friend (After all normal communication methods seemed to have died a death these days) if I subscribe to their mailing list, it will probably end up in my spam folder eventually, or I’ll do what I do with all the marketing emails I get. Delete them without reading.

So I needed a solution to this, somewhere I could just go and it would give me a nice clean feed of my recent releases from my favourite artists.

Muspy has been around for a very long time, and is very basic. I’ve been using it for years, and thought it was about time I gave it some love.

Unlike some other apps which do the same sort of thing, Muspy has no intention of being fancy or sending you tons of notifications.

Which is perfect for someone like me who tends to end up going on music binges every few months, by using Muspy, I have an idea of what the last album was that I purchased and I can go through the list to see what’s new since. All without having to subscribe to tons of newsletters or have loads of notifications that I will no doubt ignore because I’m doing something else at the time.

Once you’ve signed in to Muspy you’ll be presented with the artists screen, you simply type in your favourite artists and start creating a list. Obviously the first time you do this it can be a little mundane and time consuming, but you’ll only ever need to do it once.

Here’s an idea of what my list looks like:

When you’re done, simply click on the releases menu to see all the forthcoming and already released albums from your favourite artists.

Keep Muspy up to date with your favourite artists, and you only need to log in whenever you’re in the mood to purchase new albums.

Visit – Muspy

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