Bonus Bagging / Profit Maximiser Review

We’d all like a bit of extra pocket money, how about an extra £500 to pay for that holiday or urgent repair you need to carry out?

If you’ve got £100 available, then do this

Yes, the site looks dodgy as hell, NO, you won’t make that amount of money every month either. It costs about £30 to sign up. You’ll make it back easy and probably make about £500 if you follow it through and do all the signups. The good thing is, the site tells you EXACTLY what to do, you just do what the email tells you to do. You don’t need to necessarily understand sports betting, but it helps if you do, and ideally, you don’t already have online accounts with the major bookmakers (William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, Sky Bet, Bet365, Betfair, etc etc)

Basically it takes advantage of bookmaker signup offers. I hear yeah! The bookie always wins, but you basically lay (cover all outcomes) of a race or a football match by using a betting exchange to bet against what you bet on at the bookmaker (hence you need £100 to start with) you will lose a few pence doing the qualifying bet, then the bookmaker gives you free money. For example Bet365 which you do last, will give you a £200 bonus if you deposit £200, the idea is, to keep about 75%-80% of that free money they give you. So when you do your ‘free bets’ which will be of varying value you still do an exchange bet (lay) on the free bet and when the event is said and done all your money and free money they gave you will either be in the bookmaker or the exchange. Withdraw and repeat.

If you keep ‘winning’ at the bookmaker, you may need to take your time a bit more in order to get the money back into your bank account, same if you keep winning at the exchange, but over the course of say a month you should be able to make about £500 profit as long as you don’t spend the money until you’re fully finished. You’ll need the money you make from the other offers to do the bigger offers at the end, like the Bet365 one, because you need money in your exchanges to cover your liabilities should a £200 bet win at the bookmaker!

This video may explain it a little better:  (don’t worry about seeing dollars in this particular video, everything is in £)

I’ve done this system a few years ago, can vouch for it, and even moved onto his other products if you want to make yourself some extra pocket money every month.

I’ve made £5k in two years, I could easily make more, it’s just very time consuming and the bookmaker will eventually cotton on to what you’re doing, so they ‘gub’ (ban) you from offers.

None of these links I’m giving you are affiliate links, I could give you affiliate links, but then I’m obviously also looking like I’m trying to make cash from this, when all I actually want you, my reader to do, is make a quick few hundred. I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments section below.

You’ll need about £100 to start doing Bonus Bagging, let’s say the first offer is sign up and bet £10, and get a £10 free bet when the first bet has settled. So you need to deposit £10 in the bookie, but you’ll also need to do a lay bet (a bet agaisnt what you’ve just bet on) at a betting exchange. Betfair is the one used as it’s easier for newbies and there’s usually more money in the exchange (an exchange is just people like me and you, giving odds on something, and setting the odds ourselves, however for the bet to be taken, someone needs to accept it, which is kinda what we do, so when we do the lay bet at odds as close to what the original bookie was advertising, we ourselves, are becoming a bookie. This is where you need to cover your liabilities thou, if the bet was at 4/1 then you’ll need £40 in the betfair account to cover it. So if the bet wins at our bookie, £50 ends up in our bookie account, (our stake is returned and the winnings) if the bet loses at the bookie, you end up with £50 in your betfair account (you get your £40 back, and you gain the £10 the other person lost) The only money you lose is the betfair commission, which is 5% and anything between 1p-£1 depending on how close the betfair odds were to the original bookie odds, but for bonus bagging it will pretty much always send you something where the odds are practically the same.

You repeat the process with the free bet, which is money the bookie has now given you for free, but at higher odds, with the goal to keep between 75% – 80% of that free money, so it’s a £10 free bet, you’ll make about £8 profit.

Rinse and repeat with all the bookies, Bonus Bagging will give you the easy ones first like above, bet 10 get 10, then eventually you’ll build up the kitty to do the Bet365 bet £200 get £200, which is why you then need the liabilities in your betfair account to cover that £200 bet, at 5/1 you’ll need about £800 in your betfair account incase the bet wins into Bet365!

The system works, and he does offer a money back guarantee, if you don’t get on with it, just ask for your money back. I’m totally with you that the site looks dodgy, I thought this myself, and only did it because I trusted a mate who also said he’d done it and that it works. It does, you’ll make about £500, but once you’re done with the signups, that’s about it from bonus bagging, you won’t make £500 a month, he’s basically hoping you’ll get the bug and want to carry on and sign up to his other products.

How much time does this take up? For sign ups, 30 mins per each one tops, you’ll probably only want to do 2/3 a day tops, my advice would be don’t start a new one until you’ve fully finished the one you’re doing. Then move onto the next one, keep a spreadsheet (one is offered in the sites FAQs) to keep track of where your money is, if necessary, wait 2/3 days for the money to withdraw from one bookie back into your bank account in order to move onto the next, don’t leave yourself out of pocket!

You won’t break even, you’ll make money, it can seem a slow process at first when you’re just making £8 here and £8 there, but it all adds up and it soon gets bigger once you move onto the £30, £50, £100, £200 offers.

Profit Maximiser

So doing something like bonus bagging can easily raise you some cash for rainy days, or to cover holidays, but what if you want to carry on taking advantage of these offers. That’s where the next product in this system comes along. Profit Maximiser.

The more money you have in your ‘betting bank’ the more you can afford to to use to keep making the bank bigger, so you do find yourself, not actually wanting to spend the money you make, and want to keep making the pot bigger!

Bonus Bagging is just the signup offers, yes, the main site is kind of misleading, it opens the door to doing continual offers, once you sign up to bookie accounts, you’ll get promotional emails off them (so you may want to create another email address purely for the sign ups as they will send marketing material to you) however many will send you reload offers, so you get more bet £10 get £10 free offers etc.

The regular emails will be to entice you to sign up to his other products, such as profit maximiser, which gives yet more signup offers, and continual offers from the bookies as well as no lag odds matching software, to make the whole process quicker than trying to find odds yourself for when you get those reload offers or try to hit free bets from offers such as a horse placing 2nd, but that’s more advanced stuff once you get past sign ups, sign ups are easy!

If you move onto profit maximiser,  you can make £50-100 a week, even more, if you put the effort in, but be prepared to lose your weekends as it will be heavily weekend focused around football and more popular horse racing meets, and if you have the balls, casino offers. (which I don’t have the balls for, I prefer the sports model of knowing i’m only losing pennies if i don’t hit a trigger)

Also even that loses it’s low dangling carrots after a while, because as I said before, the bookie will eventually see a pattern to your bets and just ‘gub’ you (ban you from offers) although of course, if you have family members and they are willing to share some personal info with you for say you offering them 25% of what you make (I don’t condone this, only do it with people you trust, after all, money will very quickly bring out the real dick in people, and also ideally you need a separate device to what you originally used, and if your internet connection rarely ever changes it’s IP address (Virgin Media perfect example) a separate way of accessing the internet, you could do all the sign ups again using the knowledge you have gained. It’s easy money!!)

This site may also help explain things:

Oh one last bit of advice, make sure you’re on the voting register, as bookmakers use this as soft checks for ID, if you end up with a lot of money in a bookie account and withdraw it, they will ask you to confirm your ID, which will usually involve a photo of the bank card (front and back hiding either the last or middle section of numbers) and a selfie holding up your passport/driving license.

If you’ve ever had a gambling problem, or think you’ll stray from the back/lay method, this is not for you. You need to be disciplined to stick to the rules.

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