How to fix Tinder server error: There are issues connecting to Tinder: Error 1001 (Mobile Data Network error Three, EE, o2, Giffgaff etc)

So a friend (honest) came to me with a Tinder problem. We were both on the Three network, and she said it doesn’t work when using mobile data, only when on Wifi.

The techie inside me thought that was a load of rubbish. But after a bit of googling, it would appear this is a widespread problem. For the most part the mobile networks like to blame this on ‘adult content filtering’ and while some people might be embarrassed to contact their operator to turn off adult content. I wasn’t.

In fact on 3, it’s pretty simple, you just log into their site and turn it off. As I’m the billpayer and I’m over 18 there’s no question’s asked and I don’t need to talk to anyone. Woohoo. So with that complete off I went to pornhub, sorry I mean the appstore to download Tinder.

One I signed into facebook and got past all my 2FA settings I was presented with the following error message: Something went wrong make sure you have an internet connection (N:-1011)

So seems my friend wasn’t lying. Upon googling this people have the problem all over the place. I eventually found one forum thread which kinda pointed me in the right direction to fix it, but gave really crappy instructions on how to do it.

Basically, you have turn off 4G, and force 3G. Once you’re on 3G only, you can open the app, and then it will connect. The good news is, it seems that once you’ve done this once, it seems to stick, so you can go back to turn on your 4G network, and the app will continue to work. I haven’t tried turning my phone off and on since to see if it still sticks after a reboot, but doing the above should solve it.

Below is a video showing how to do this on the iPhone. It’s been years and years since I had an Android device, but there’s no doubt a similar setting somewhere.  For those that would rather not watch a video, the written instructions are below the video.

Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Enable 4G > Off.

You should see your network switch from 4G to 3G.

Go back to Tinder and it should open.

To turn 4G back on, just follow the path again as above and change it back to Voice & Data.


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