Why Rellik Sucks

It’s not often I watch TV as it actually airs. In fact, I should purposely make an effort not too, as it would save me ~£120 a year in TV licensing or whatever the BBC want to call it these days, however I do like the BBC’s radio programming and would hate to hear adverts on their radio shows!

On the 11th September, both the BBC and ITV started their new 6 part dramas head to head. More interesting was the fact both shows were written by the same writing team!

Rellik (I suppose I should explain that’s killer spelt backwards, like every other article on the show has done) and Liar.

Rellik, being on the BBC, which meant I didn’t have to endure adverts was the program I decided to watch ‘live’ plus the BBC’s track history with crime dramas is second to none.

Tonight episode 5 airs, the penultimate episode. I won’t be watching as I have officially given up on it, as I think have millions of others, as it gets absolutely killed (excuse the pun) by ITV’s Liar in the ratings war.

The premise is simple, tell a crime story, but tell it backwards. So the end of the investigation with the person being arrested/or an emotional reaction to the end result is shown first. As in the case of one episode a couple burning a load of belongings and a pig carcass.

The problem is, the interesting part of the episodes is always the beginning. As the story continues, telling scenes in a backwards manner, the drama gets less interesting, confusing and most importantly, the big pay off to the episode is generally towards the start.

There’s a reason crime dramas have worked for so long, and quite frankly, this is a perfect example of why if it isn’t broke it doesn’t need fixing. Imagine how let down you feel towards the end of the episode when you find out the pig is already dead and was just used as part of a sparring exercise. Yawn. I think everyone wanting to see some deep occult dark shit going down.

Rellik sucks, and I hope the BBC learn from this mistake and get back to doing what they do best when it comes to gritty crime dramas.

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