September’s Bluray/streaming Movies Micro Reviews

A taste of what I watched at home last month. There’s some good flicks on at the cinema at the moment, which over the next few weeks I hope to catch. Including Mother! (If it’s still on) IT and of course Blade Runner 2049.

Fury (2014) – IMDb
Following a crew of a poorly equipped American tank going through German territory in WWII. Quite enjoying war films these days, used to hate them in my teens.

The Selfish Giant (2013) – IMDb
Follows two lads from poverty stricken backgrounds in Bradford as they get involved with a scrap dealer. Better than how I explain it, with an ending that needs to be watched.

Baywatch (2017) – IMDb
Much better than I expected it to be,  but I’ve always had a bit of soft spot for slapstick American college humour, and any film where the nerd gets to kiss a hot girl, at least puts a smile on my face.

Inconceivable (2017) – IMDb
Woman can’t have kids, has a surrogate, surrogate is using her own eggs she had frozen years before, attempts to make other woman look like she’s losing the plot in order to keep her own baby. Film sucessfully makes out that the female of the species is indeed, mental!

Churchill (2017) – IMDb
Brian Cox delivers one of his best performances to date in my opinion. If it wasn’t for the fact there’s a few factually incorrect errors in this, I’d have probably given it a higher score. The film focuses on the weeks/days before the D-Day landing from Churchill’s perspective and having the ultimate decision taken away from him.

Cube (1997) – IMDb
A bunch of people get stuck in what in modern terms would be described as an escape room situation. Each ‘cube’ has various exits, some booby trapped, others not. Tensions obviously get the better of them as the group starts to thin out and they think an insider is part of the group. Que people going loopy against each other as well as the games to find the exit.

It Comes at Night (2017) – IMDb
Not quite sure how this garnered such good critical reviews, as the world seems to be dealing with some sort of zombie outbreak, a family takes in another family until all sorts of suspicions start creeping in. Not a whole lot seems to come at night.

A Dark Song (2016) – IMDb
Filmed in Wales and starring just 2 people, I wish I had seen this at the cinema as I’m sure it would have made some scenes feel rather intense. A woman wants to get back in touch with her dead child and rents a huge house and hires an occultist to carry out the various rituals required to get to the necessary stage. Shit goes down, mainly between the two of them, and then comes what quite frankly, felt like a terrifying ending.

The Ghoul (2016) – IMDb
British film, which, quite frankly, I never did figure out if he was a detective, or dealing with demons in his head. Film tries to be a bit Fight Club.

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