Star Trek: The Exhibition & Madame Tussards, Blackpool

The Star Trek Exhibition in Blackpool, is coming to the end of it’s run in November, November 5, to be exact. As been as I went, way back in August, I thought it was time I put my review up in case anyone else is thinking of going.

You’ll know if you read my blog often that I recently came out of the closet, to admit, I’m a bit of a trekkie in this post: STAR TREK IS BACK ON TV. HOW I BECAME A TREKKIE.

We took the trek (pun intended) to Blackpool on a Sunny Wednesday, when both myself and a friend had a day off work.

We’d been put off by others, saying you go round it in 15 minutes, and that it’s not very exciting. It’s an exhibition, I don’t know what those people were expecting? Roller coasters?

Despite being able to buy tickets online, neither of us could be bothered. It would save us £2 against the general admission price, and neither of us was precious about this. It turned out to be a good move, as it was actually even cheaper on the door. Apparently we just happened to pick a good day when they were having a discount. I don’t know how true that is, and at this stage of the run, it’s possible it might be every day. So it might be worth waiting and just heading up rather than booking in advance.

In took us about an hour to get round the exhibition, so I’m not sure where this 15 minutes came from. We took opportunites to also pose on a reconstruction of a transporter pad from The Next Generation and the Bridge from the original series.

There’s loads of props & costumes from all the TV shows and films with little tid bits of informaton, and an interactive app to use as you go around with your phone scanning in QR codes, and if you’re seriously into you’ll Trek, then you’ll really enjoy getting up close to these and taking in the detail.

Also, apparently, since our visit, some props and costumes from the new TV series Discovery, have been added to the collection.

My photos from the Star Trek exhibition are below, keep scrolling if you also want to read on about Madame Tussards.

After being Star Trek nerds for an hour and grabbing some grub from Harry Ramsdens (which was very nice, but I’ll spare you the review of fish of chips) we then set out to find some old skool arcade video games. To our dismay, we couldn’t find any. Seems all the arcades in Blackpool are now all just full of gambling machines. Las Vegas it is not.

So after eventually giving up on that, we decided to hit Madame Tussards.

I thought it was actually worth the price of admission. £16.

The first section is all about reality tv, so there’s X Factor, Take me Out, I’m a celebrity  and even Jeremy Kyle sets. We wern’t very interested in this bit as neither of us care much for this type of television. It’s worth noting that the displays are now done in such a fashion so you can interact, to a degree with the waxworks. Made for the selfie generation, so you can stand next to your hero and grab a picture of yourself with them.

After the nightmare of reality tv, it moved onto some proper tv shows like Morse and Frost. Brian Cox, and then onto sporting heroes, where I got to finally give Steven Gerrard a big kiss on the cheek. Cheers Stevie lad.

There’s a makeshift Coronation Street, with a Rovers Return, where you can even sit in, and have a pint and a packet of crisps. How very British!

The pop stars section was pretty good, especially Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury and The Beatles, next came the kids tv section, where we saw one of my kids tv heroes, Sooty. Finally it was old comedy classics such as The Two Ronnies and Bruce Forsyth.

I was looking forward to the horror section, hoping an Alien xenomorph would be there. I remember from years ago the horror section was at the end and you had the option to skip it, or go trough, but appears there is no longer a horror section, unless of course you see the first section of reality tv as being the horror section!

Pictures below:

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