Narcos – Season 3 Review

Narcos returned in September for it’s third season, despite the end of the second season giving us the Pablo Escobar’s death.

However there was life left in these legs.

Season Three focuses on the Cali cartel and it’s godfathers, after the family is close to cutting a deal with the Government to go legit internal wranglings ensue.

Pedro Pascal’s DEA agent Javier Pena is the only returning main star to connect the two previous seasons with this one.

The show however primarily focuses on the family, it even feels very Scarface, particularly with how the family deals with some it’s problems.

Pena of course remains hot on the trail of the family as he attempts to bring them down, using informants on the inside.

I won’t give too much away as it’s a show which can easily be binged in a day or two, and is still fairly fresh.

Obviously it’s difficult not to compare it with the previous two seasons and the Escobar story, but I think if you stick with it, particularly once you get to episode four. You’ll be glued to your seat.

Despite my reservations, season three is excellent, and with a season four confirmed the show should continue to go from strength to strength. Although season four may now be in doubt after a location scout was shot in Mexico.

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