How to demist windscreen extra quick!

Winter is upon us, and it’s getting to that time of year where soon we’ll be scraping the ice of the windscreens of our vehicles. In fact I’ve already had to do it once!

I’ve topped up the anti freeze too, put some water in the car along with a thick jacket, gloves, hat and sleeping bag in case of the worst case scenario!

Luckily for me, I have a Ford Mondeo. Ford’s for a while due to a patent, were the only car manufacturer that had the technology to de ice the front windscreen without having to use a scraper or de icer. It seems daft considering every car has one in the back, but Fords were the only ones with front windscreen heaters. Pressing the button as seen on the left below turns it on.

However, there’s an even better button on the Ford Mondeo that turns on both the front and the back windscreen heaters, and that’s this one, as seen below labelled with a heated windscreen and the words max!

It turns the heat on high, and also turns on the air con, and this is the trick all car owners can use to at least demist the inside of the car, while you go around scraping the ice of the rest of the windows.

Direct the heat grills at the front windscreen. Turn the air con on first, and then also gradually turn up the heat. You should find your windows will de mist pretty quickly.

If you don’t have air con available and the windows aren’t totally frozen, open them a little to let some cold air inside the car, once you start driving, you should be able to close the windows pretty soon, and then ramp the heating back up.

Now for a life hack, you can completely stop the windscreens from misting up in the first place.

The answer believe it or not is shaving cream!

Put a smallish amount of shaving cream onto a towel, and spread it all across the surface of the windscreen. Take another towel, and then just wipe it off.

This should prevent misting up for several weeks, before you need to do it again.

Don’t believe me, watch this handy youtube video below

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