Foo Fighters – Concrete & Gold. Micro Review

Foo Fighter’s ninth studio album dropped almost two months ago now. So I’m not going to spend too much time on this review as anyone that wants to listen to it probably already has done so, but I wanted to give my two pence worth.

Foo Fighters have been around for a long time now, The colour and the shape, their second album, remains my favourite and will probably never be surpassed.

Recent offerings have been pretty solid, and dispite the favourable reviews of this album. I’m not impressed.

It’s a paint by numbers rock album, that paint by numbers rock bands that have been around for Decades do. Does this mean Foo Fighters have reached their ‘Classic Rock’ stage.

Quite possibly. At least in my book.

There’s a few tracks which bring in some shouty elements, but even those songs that do, don’t appear to have much writing skill behind them. La Dee Da is probably the most exciting song on the album and stands out by a mile, however the song title alone, sums the rest of the album up. La Dee Da indeed.

I’m sure Foo Fighters still have a lot to offer, Dave and the boys don’t strike me as the kind of guys that can just down tools for a few years, there will always be the desire to pick up their instruments and make music. The problem is, is their lifestyle so cosy now that nothing exciting happens or motivates them enough to write good exciting, in your face music.

Foo Fighters will remain a band I love and a band I will no doubt continue to go and see live because their shows are great, but those shows are becoming ever more reliant on their strong back catalogue.

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