Tecknet Bluetooth mouse & keyboard review

I never did get round to reviewing my Lenovo ideapad 700, and now I’ve had it almost 12 months, it seems pretty pointess doing so, especially as you can no longer buy it.

Perhaps the biggest pet peeve I have with it, is that that the touchpad is HORRIBLE to use. Like, so, so bad. However finding a laptop with a similair spec for the price I paid, I was not going to get close, so I decided to take the hit with the crappy touchpad.

For a while I used a wired USB mouse with it, but using a mouse so close to the laptop (Most of the time I have the mouse on the space next  to the touch pad) the wires just got in the way.

So I decided it was time to find myself a wireless alternative. The laptop , like most these days has Bluetooth on board, so no need to buy a mouse that comes with it’s own Bluetooth receiver.

I decided to go cheap and cheerful, and also decided to pick up a wireless keyboard while I was at it. Sometimes I like to attach the laptop to the TV, and being able to fully control it from a distance would be a bonus.

I decided to go with the same brand for both. Tecknet.

If you’d rather watch a video review of these devices, then click play on the below video, or scroll down to read the written review.

The wireless mouse is the Tecknet BM306.

Out of the box, the first issue I had was actually connecting it up with the laptop. I followed the procedure in the instructions and it would just not work. The light on top of the mouse kept flashing. For some bizarre reason this model mouse has no documentation on the Tecknet website. I was beginning to think I was getting what I was paying for here. All the existing models seemed to indicate that a flashing light meant the batteries were on their way out. Maybe I’d had these batteries in the draw for a long time and they were already dead. So I swapped them out. No go, the exact same problem. Surely not all the batteries I had were on their way out. In the end I had to use my google skills to try and get to the bottom of the issue.

I managed to find the manual on another online site, and if you need it, it’s HERE

It gave me a hint that I actually needed to hold down the connect button for between 3-5 seconds before it would connect with my laptop, so upon doing that I finally managed to get it to connect.

So now that it’s connected, what’s it like to use.

It’s pretty good. It seems Tecknet takes a lot of it’s design inspiraton from Logitech. Who you’ll already know I’m a big fan of their webcams.

The mouse has a nice right handed fit feel. I’m actually primarily a left handed mouse user just to throw a curve ball in there, but I don’t mind the design and still find it easy to use and comfortable.

There’s the standard left hand right mouse buttons up top, along with a scroll wheel, that pesky low battery indicator light,  and on the left and side, forward and backward buttons. These are slightly difficult to use due to my caggy-handed-ness. It would have been nice to have some zoom in and out buttons, but that’s not the end of the world. This mouse did after all just cost £10.

I’ve had no issues with connectivity to the laptop since and have been happily using it. I’m only going to downgrade the score, because of the initial issues I had, and there being no online manual on their own site, and that it’s design is primarily targeted at right hand users, they could have made it a little more friendly for left handed users that are perhaps not as multi-dimensional as myself.


To go with it, I also picked up the Tecknet BX501 Bluetooth keyboard which again is very much modelled on an existing Logitech design, a design that I am quite familiar with from using at work.

Unlike with the mouse, I had no issues at all connecting the device up to the laptop, the keys all feel pretty responsive and I can type away without issues. On the right hand side it does also have a touch pad, but again, much like the touch pad that’s on my laptop, it feels cheap, clunky to use, and gestures which are now inbuilt to Windows 10, just didn’t work as they should, or worse still, the zoom function would kick in when all you wanted to do was scroll. So I find I still use the above mentioned mouse when using the keyboard as well.

There’s not much else to say about the keyboard, there’s no other fancy features, it’s just a wireless keyboard, and it does it’s job, and compared to the price you pay for a very similar looking Logitech keyboard, I think this is money well saved.


If you’d like to get your hands on these products too, they can be purchased from Amazon at the following links:

*I was not paid, or approached to review these items. I paid for them with my hard earned cash and continue to use them for the purpose they were purchased for.

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