OtterBox Strada Series for iPhone X – Review

If you’ve read my iPhone X review you’ll know that I mentioned that I had purchased a case to protect my ridiculously expensive made of glass iPhone.

After dropping the phone on day 5 without a case and having my heart in my mouth, it was time to put the phone in it’s case before something worse happened.

Despite the fantastic look and feel of the iPhone X I decided I didn’t really want to chance it. I normally go for cases which just protect the back and sides, and just protrude slightly. Which in hindsight aren’t great cases if it lands screen side down at an angle or hits a stone or something, smashed screen for sure.

So for my X I decided to go for a full wrap around flip front case, not only that I wanted something that clearly had a bit of bulk to it.

After a bit of research I went for the OtterBox series which had, had some fine reviews on a number of sites.

Of course it was difficult to trust reviews at the time as the iPhone X had only been out for less than a week. How many of the customer reviews were legit? None of the major Apple sites had yet to get their case reviews up. Although since a number now have, the Otterbox Strada Series for the iPhone X has been picking up some fine reviews.

At time of purchase the case cost £36.37 which compared to prices I’ve paid for cases in the past is quite a significant amount. However when you’ve got one of the most expensive phones money can buy, that apparently also smashes pretty easily, skimping on a case seems like a really stupid thing to do.

The case is pretty much full on plastic with a faux leather type back and front. The back is very strong as are all the sides.

The front is slightly more bendy than the back, but not that much, it still feels pretty stiff, and although I’m not going to do any drop tests, I am confident that at least from hip height the the phone would feel well protected. The front case stays in place by a small magnetic clip. There’s also space to keep bank cards and what not, but I’m not sure why anyone would want to do this personally, especially when there’s a small magnet nearby. Doesn’t seem a good idea for those strips on the back of our cards!

The depth of the case is also good, allowing the protruding camera lens to be protected as well assuming it doesn’t land on anything that just happens to be pointing upwards right at the point of the camera lens. An added bonus means the phone now lies flat on a desk!

It weighs pretty much next to nothing, and despite the bulk of the case, it doesn’t really feel that it adds to much size to the phone. No one is really going to know you’ve got an iPhone X in your hand either until you use it, so a little bit of added security, obviously this may also be a down side if you like to show off, but in which case you’re probably using the phone naked anyway and stumped up for AppleCare.

The side buttons you do need to give a bit of a decent push in order to press them, but that’s no real biggie really.

The only major complaint is perhaps that in an ideal world the front flip would actually be on the other side, in order to not be on the same side as the volume buttons which can also be used as buttons to take photos. Meaning you need to hold the front flip up with your finger in order to use those buttons to take photos, something which is much easier to do that trying to press the on screen button. Flipping the front flap all the way over also obviously blanks the camera out completely, but that’s to be expected regardless of what side they put it.

Overall I’m really pleased with this case and would recommend it for anyone that is feeling they need some decent protection for their iPhone X

*Note until December 5th 2018, Amazon UK are offering a further £4 off all Otterbox cases so get in their quick, there’s a direct link to the product below.

Overall score: 4/5

OtterBox Strada Series for iPhone X – Shadow

*I was not paid or approached to do this review. I paid for the case with my own hard earned cash, and continue to use it as my main iPhone X phone case.

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