November’s Bluray/Streaming Movie Micro Reviews

A little late this month, my apologies had to dig deep into my IMDB to remember what was watched last month. With loads of time off work in December, it’s going to be a big list next time around.

The Big Sick (2017) – IMDb
Trailer for this looked brilliant, and while there were funny parts and a decent backstory, well it is based on a true story and the comedian plays himself, it just didn’t live up to either the trailer or the review hype for me.

The Beguiled (2017) – IMDb
Remake of Clint Eastwood film of the same name from the 70s. It was pretty boring despite a solid cast. Most of the scenes, were poorly lit and you could hardly see what was going on. I understand capturing the essence of the times, but if you can barely see what’s going on!

Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) – IMDb
Wow. This is just plain awful. Could have been about an hour shorter, I don’t know how they managed to put out a film that goes on for over 2 hours that is complete drivel. They’ve totally wrecked the Spider-Man legacy by involving Tony Stark, and the avengers, and making out his suit is all high tech gadgets. What happened to the old fashioned spidey sense. Worst Spider-man reboot ever and sadly as they’ve decided to mix in the avengers, I doubt we’ll be seeing another reboot for a long time.

The Emoji Movie (2017) – IMDb
Nowhere near as bad as I expecting, maybe it’s because I work in IT and there were plenty of references to jailbreaking, hacking, sandboxing, firewalls. No wonder 8 year olds didn’t get the story.

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) – IMDb
Was it just me that found the title of this film misleading? Also when I saw the runtime was 2h20m I thought great, another film with prolonged action sequences that could probably be condensed into an 1h30m film. In fact there was not much fighting at all, and the story was pleasently slow paced and continues to tell the troubles of the humans and the apes co-habiting. There’s plenty of thought provoking and emotional moments as the story unfolds.
Quite relieved there was bugger all war in it, and the runtime was probably justified. Pleasently surprised to be misled.

Pride (2014) – IMDb
Gays and lesbians team up with miners on strike in Wales in the 80s in a support of solidarity against the establishment. Barriers are broken and friendships formed.

Under the Skin (2013) – IMDb
An alien in the form of Scarlett Johansson drives around Scotland in a van, seduces blokes and consumes them. It’s not as good as it sounds.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) – IMDb
Went into this not really knowing much about it but really enjoyed this sci fi romp. It would have been an 8 but for the seemingly pointless Rihanna cameo. A whole 30 minute section of the film that could have not been included and would have made no difference to the story at all. One of the weirdest 30 minutes of film I’ve seen in a while. However apart from that is quite good.

21 Jump Street (2012) – IMDb
Hilarious, but I’ve always enjoyed American College humour films for some reason.

22 Jump Street (2014) – IMDb
More of the same, and takes the piss out of itself, as it’s more or less exactly the same film, but that’s not a bad thing!

Limitless (2011) – IMDb
Weird film about a struggling author who takes these random pills that makes him mega intelligent and then gets caught up in all sorts of stuff and then of course the drugs run out, but it seems silly to me that the this now incredibly smart dude, can’t figure it out for himself!

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