Top 10 TV of 2017

Another Top 10 list of 2017, moving onto the best TV series of the year, in my humble opinion. Again, there’s lots I haven’t seen, there’s only so much time one can spend sat on their backside watching films and TV, I do a fair bit of it, but maybe not enough, however saying that, I don’t think my body would forgive me if I made that arse groove in the sofa any more moulded than it already is.


  1. Game Of Thrones Season 7

    Game of Thrones penultimate season provided more action than drama this time around, and provided plenty of plot holes and time theories to send fans into overdrive as it became clear the series had lost some magic by now being ahead of the books. However there was enough pay offs and mouth wide open moments to warrant why we’ve all already committed so much time to this outstanding series.
  2. Twin Peaks: The Return

    One of the most bizarre TV series of the early 90s made its promised return 25 years later. Was this David Lynch’s swansong? Maybe. It was typical Lynch with a story that left you just thinking, WTF, pretty much at the end of every episode, as you tried to piece things together, but ultimately failed. Nothing else on TV was like it this year, and probably won’t be for some time.
  3. GLOW

    Being a fan of pro wrestling this comedy based on the real life GLOW wrestling organisation of the 80s in America, was always going to be something I was going to watch, but would I enjoy it. The answer is yes, and you don’t have to be a fan of wrestling to enjoy it.
  4. Motherland

    If there’s one thing the BBC know how to do. It’s British Comedy. This parental based comedy about seemingly single mums and how they cope with day to day life and their out of control children is funny even if you don’t have kids. If you do have kids, there’s probably even more funny stuff that I’m not even seeing.
  5. The Big Bang Theory Season 11

    I had to do a double take when I wrote season 11, can you believe this has been going on for 11 years. Amazingly they are doing a great job at continuing to make this funny and enjoyable to watch. I’m not sure how much longer it will go on for, and I doubt it will have the longevity as Friends when we look back at it, but it’s been an incredible run.
  6. Star Trek: Discovery

    Star Trek finally returned to our TV screens this year and people that know me might be surprised to see this not higher up the list. While it’s been enjoyable to watch, only 2 or 3 episodes have really stood out as being ‘Star Trek’ episodes, and while no Star Trek series has ever had an amazing first season, the foundations are certainly in place that could make this something special going forward. We’re only half way through the first season, so the 2nd half could end up being something amazing still.
  7. The Deuce

    When George Pelecanos and David Simon  creators of The Wire make a new TV series, you pay attention. When it stars James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal you pay a bit more attention. Following the story of the litigation of porn in the mid 70s to mid 80s Times Square, New York and that ultimately, sex pays!
  8. The Exorcist Season 2

    One of the surprise TV packages of last year, took a while to get going this season, but you can see they are potentially laying the foundations to keep this series now going for the long haul, especially considering getting a second season green lit seemed to take forever. John Cho came in as the major guest star cameo for the series and delivered his role superbly.
  9. Narcos Season 3

    Despite how season 2 ended, Narcos carried on the story of the drug cartels of South America, the story took a while to get going but once it did it made me thirsty for more. Lets hope they can sort out the filming location problems to get a fourth season off the ground.
  10. American Gods

    Who’d have thought Lovejoy would become a darling of American Television, but that’s what’s seemed to have happened recently. This series dealt with the power struggles of the gods in the modern age, it was both enlightening, bizarre and weird. Major plus points for Gillian Anderson dressed up as Ziggy Stardust!


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