2017 – five highs and five lows.

I tend to not touch too much on personal life stuff on this blog, but sometimes it’s good to post about thing’s that matter to you even if they don’t matter to anyone else.

So rather than do a top 10 list of great thing’s from this year, and end up writing a load of twaddle, because no matter how good we make out our lives are on Twitter/Instagram, we’ve all got real life shit going on, and we shouldn’t really try to hide it away, equally no one wants one topic constantly shoved down their throats either, but in small doses talking about what’s really going on in our life’s is good for the soul, and true friends, will always be there for you, and occasionally ask how you are, and you can soon weed out the ones who don’t want to bother with you, or only want to deal with you when it suits them.

We’ll start with the lows.


  • Trees falling down in storm Doris and destroying 3 other peoples garden fences in the process, thankfully neighbours were all cool about it, but clean up operation and getting the rest of the trees down was a significant expenditure that I was not expecting and put a lot of things I’d have liked to have done this year whether that be holidays or house improvements on the back burner.
  • Car problems, which occurred exactly 2 days after the tree issue and also cost close to £1k to fix. February basically fucked up the rest of the year for me money spending plans wise as all this expenditure went on my credit cards and I’m a major pay off my credit cards every month type person, so mentally a bit like OCD I guess, this put a strain on me.
  • Broke up with the now ex after 7 years.
  • Occasional bouts of loneliness but seem to be dealing with this better although I suspect the two weeks off work over Christmas period will probably be a little difficult as will be hard to get people to do stuff away from their family, but so far it’s not been too bad.
  • The political state of the country, and the seemingly more vile people that have come out of the woodwork.


  • After waiting 18 months for the supposed role to become available at work that I so desperately wanted, it appeared, I applied, I nailed the interview and now work in the one of the best sections of our IT dept and one of the best bunch of guys/gals to work with too, makes a massive difference to your daily life to be happy at work, and finally working hours that suit me and plenty of flexibility for when things crop up. The improved pay grade/benefits and pension were icing on the cake.
  • Started eating healthier and doing more exercise, not ate a ready meal in months, helped by the change in my working hours from above!
  • Finally went to the drs after assuming from the interwebz there was no treatment available for rosacea, not that it was actually bothering me too much or stopping my confidence, but knowing how vein people are, thought I might as well try and see, turns out the gel they gave me works wonders.
  • Just getting out there and doing stuff, even if it’s by myself. Realisation of becoming single was that when you planned nights out with mates, it’s because you have to plan around everyone, becoming single meant I had a ton of free time and weekends occasionally became a chore as was impossible to get anyone to do stuff at short notice. Eventually thought fuck it, and just do stuff by myself when I can’t get anyone out/interested.
  • Did some Charity work, which I never posted about on any social media platforms, because it wasn’t about me, and wasn’t about me getting pats on the back, but it was a great experience.

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