10 Best LEGAL Kodi Add Ons For UK based Viewers.

Received a ‘Kodi box for Christmas?

I love Kodi, and have done since it was called XBMC.

Kodi these days gets a lot of bad press, mainly due to the media not really doing their research on the product and touting it as some amazing piece of software that opens up the world to online piracy streaming.

Odds are if you have received a Kodi box for Christmas, it won’t be long until those subscription based channels stop working.

Kodi itself is just a media centre, and this is how I mainly use it, with ripped blu-rays and DVDs stored on my NAS box, and Kodi looks at those folder shares and builds a catalogue of my media. The great thing about having your library files on a separate device, is also being able to store the database on the same device, and as long as you then have the same version of Kodi installed on your Raspberry Pi’s, Androids, Laptops and desktops etc, you can simply stop what your viewing on one device, move onto the next and it will carry on playing from where you left off.

If there’s any interest on how to set this up, I’ll do a another post on it.

Despite the bad press, here’s a list of perfectly LEGAL Kodi add ons where you can still get a vast amount of streaming entertainment for free and legally for when you think that box has turned into a paperweight. All these can be found in the official Kodi repository.


Allows you to browse the popular right now and live sections as well as sign in to access your recently viewed or uploaded videos. You can also search to find whatever it is you want to find.

iPlayer WWW

Basically a Kodi front end for the BBC iPlayer service. Everything you can access on BBC iPlayer is here and put into nice categories for you such as highlights, most popular and of course, just search!


Enjoy watching others play video games? Then you’ll already know about Twitch.

Apple iTunes Podcasts

Access the massive podcast library without the need for iTunes or even an Apple account. Browse by genre, search and an add to my podcasts option.

BT Sport Video

All the small clips of video that BT Sport make available are here, sadly no extended highlights, but this is a subscription based channel after all.

Catch-up TV & More

Channel: Blaze, Dave, Really, Yesterday and Drama are all available via this add on.


Good clips and highlight packages of not only England coverage but also County cricket and T20 matches.


Tech news and videos


Video game/Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers & Podcasts all from the IGN team.


Live streams, NASA TV HD, ISS and loads of other archived footage, majority in HD which looks stunning.

Sky News

If you like your news a bit more sensationalist (I don’t personally.)  Browse archived martial, or watch live

South Park

Not really sure of the legality of this one, but every episode of the 21 seasons so far is available.

TED Talks

Loads of interesting talks and discussions on a whole wide range of subjects

The Guardian

Regardless of your opinion of The Guardian newspaper it’s sometimes good to get a different perspective on things. There’s videos of the day, documentaries , and sport interviews.


A YouTube alternative and likely to find some stuff with search that you might likely find that has been removed from YouTube

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