Ghetto Golf Birmingham Review

Our works Christmas party at the end of December took place at Ghetto Golf in Digbeth in Birmingham, well there was several hours of alcohol consumption in the The Old Crown around the corner before as well.

Ghetto Golf, is basically crazy golf, in a converted warehouse in Birmingham, food is also served, and there’s plenty of seating and table space to get drinks in as well, so the whole venue isn’t just about turning up, getting your golf clubs and getting around the course, you’re encouraged to stay for the long haul, and with the venue open until 1am most nights it’s certainly intended to cater for a more adult crowd rather than kids. Indeed, one hole is based around a number of sexual items and kinky sex life stuff, so it’s no surprise it’s over 18s only.

There’s also an old school arcade machine with Street Fighter II on, a nice little warm-up to find out who was the street fighter master in the office, clue, it wasn’t me!

Pints of beer are going to cost you about £4, and a cocktail starts from £6, so getting drunk in Ghetto Golf could become rather expensive, if you intend to have a tipple, I’d do as we did and spend a couple of hours in the crown beforehand. The same can probably be said for food as long as the crown isn’t heaving. I did eat at Ghetto Golf and had a chicken burger and fries, which came to about £11. It wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, and probably falls into the typical ‘street food’ prices we’re now getting used to paying for this type of food, but you can get more value for your £ in the Crown.

So what about the Golf. It’s great fun.

I’m amazed no one has really thought of this concept before. Crazy golf is good light hearted fun at any time of the day, add in loud music, bright fluorescent lightning, more real life themed holes, alcohol, and you’ve got a great night out.

The holes are no more difficult, or different to what you’d find at your child friendly crazy golf course, except for the fact the themes are more adult. You’ve got petrol stations, an actual converted single decker bus, a skate park, a red light district, a old school Blockbuster video, complete with VHS videos! A hole based around the old crown pub which is just brilliant, and you can even top up your drinks whilst there. A pool table, A bowling alley, and even your old nan’s house, complete with sticky carpet and an old knackered sofa. The final few holes are based around 80s video games, there’s a Mario hole, a Donkey Kong hole and a Sonic hole. There’s also a painful hole based on those old pinball games where depending on where your ball ends up you add that score onto your final score, it can be anything from a 1 to a +5. Harsh.

Ghetto Golf costs £10 entry. This review was completely independent and we paid our hard earned cash to enter the warehouse.

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