The Disaster Artist Review

I’m not sure if it’s best to go into this film having watched the film it’s based on or not.

I went with not, and it didn’t take away from how enjoyable a watch it was. However it has made me want to see the room, so expect to see it on my monthly micro reviews soon.

The Disaster Artist is a biopic on the creation of a B-movie called the room, that has since gone on to gain cult status across America and after this film, probably the rest of the world. It is regarded as being one of the worst films ever made.

It follows the footsteps of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau as they forge a friendship at acting schools and decide to follow their dreams by moving to LA, they are portrayed by the Franco brothers. James who plays Tommy does a fantastic job in portraying this fascinating person.

Greg manages to get signed to an agency, but doesn’t find any work, whilst Tommy, due to his weird accent, look, and allegedly claiming to be younger than he actually is, struggles to make any kind of connections. He wants to be hero, but he is advised he should pursue being a villain, due to his Vampish looks.

As the pair of friends continue to struggle, they decide to write and make their own movie, and this is what the rest of the film is based upon.

It’s a fascinating insight into the making of B-movie type film.

Tommy seems to have a bottomless pit of money at his disposal and is able to keep the production of the movie going for around 60 days, hiring, and firing people constantly and spying on his crew. He struggles with his lines and as such his parts are done in as few takes just to keep the production moving.

By completion he rents out a theatre and has a premiere. He doesn’t get the reaction he intended as the terrible acting and production does nothing but engage howls of laughter from the audience. Tommy claims this was his intention all along.

It’s fascinating that the film continues to be shown in America due to it’s cult status and has since turned a profit thanks to this. This biopic will only continue to see it making money, it’s been a massive turn of fortunes for the pair.

There’s loads of stars in this film, either playing roles, or just cameos. Showing just how much some of Hollywood’s most respected have come to like The Room.

A totally enjoyable and funny film, if this was to get recognised by the academy awards, the room would amazingly have come full circle and the dreams of it’s creators will amazingly have come true some 15 years later.




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