What have the writers of the walking dead been smoking?

The Walking Dead returned to our screens in October 2017 for Season 8 to much fanfare. The season opener was to be the program’s 100th episode.

The latest season see’s Rick and his gang continuing their war against Negan and the saviours and is now boring the pants off pretty much everyone.

The first several episodes were nothing more than watching people shoot at each other, hardly any dialogue, hardly any useful stories or character developments, just constantly shooting at each other. I may as well have been watching the final chapter in the Hobbit films if I just wanted to watch two armies go at each other for 3 hours.

What happened to the shortage of bullets too? I guess I missed something there.

No tension, no worrying if someone is hurt or going to make it. Suddenly I just didn’t care about this show anymore and by the 4th episode it had become background viewing whilst I checked my emails, or looked at twitter/facebook and so forth.

I stuck with it, because I’ve put so many years into this show already, I can’t just turn off on the basis of a few bad episodes. Or maybe I can, because the bad episodes just kept on coming.

Next, Jesus, decides he can’t kill people who have surrendered , so suddenly a bunch of people who can’t be trusted are took back to the hilltop. Now even I don’t consider myself a violent person, but if I was in the shoes of these people, I would have no hesitation in killing people who may later put my life in jeopardy, and quite frankly I can’t believe that Jesus would not have been out voted on this.

Rick gives someone a speech on trust and survival, and then Daryl just goes and shoots him anyway. It’s what should have happened with the above, but instead happened in reverse, and what’s the point of the dialogue, if someone else is going to come along and kill said person anyway.

It took until episode 5 for us to get an episode that wasn’t just people shooting at each other. Again another opportunity to take out Negan was also squandered by the priest.

The Junk Yard people also returned in episode 6, a group of people who seem to have forgotten how to speak correctly, and choose to live in a junk yard. These can only be the really low IQ people of the apocalypse, and I’m amazed they even managed to make a fortress, I don’t quite see how it’s believable that within one group of people society appears to have vanished as well as being able to speak! What the actual? Just wipe these people out of the program, and the sooner the better. Why Rick would go to them anyway was dumb.

Again Daryl turns up at the right moment to save the day also, which is getting insanely predictable and a terrible get out clause for any moment of true fear.

By the last two episodes Eugene has become so annoying, that you want him to die. His cowardly outlook on life and following the way of whoever is in front of him is dumb, I can’t wait for him to be killed off.

The mid season finale gave us no real cliffhanger other than Carl being bitten by a zombie. At this point in the show Carl should have become a more noble and more important character, but he is still annoying, and I didn’t feel sad that he was bitten. It’s quite clear he will be used as bait to get to Negan when the Season resumes in February.

So how can this season, and the show in general be saved? Ratings are down, average scores are down, and if something is not done soon, there’s a risk they will have to wrap the show up earlier than planned. Or maybe that’s not a bad thing, and we can all be put out of our misery.

I appreciate the show to some degree needs to follow the course of the comic book series, but for a TV program, it’s too cartoonish. Negan, King Ezekiel, The Trash People, Eugene. As already mentioned, no one in real life would talk how these people talk. If I want to watch stuff like that I can watch pro wrestling.

The production needs improving, this show is worth millions, but how can they get the writing, lightning, and sound so bad. For a HD TV program in 2018 it sounds and looks terrible compared to it’s peers.

When you look at what’s happening behind the scenes, the answer suddenly becomes clear. Scott Gimble, Whatever he has changed, he needs to change back, or leave.

The current season has left us with so many questions that shouldn’t need asking, such as I already touched upon, where have all the bullets come from? Exactly how many people are there in each faction? Without this context, they can just keep spawning more of each and we are none the wiser.

Hopefully the second half of this season brings and end to the Negan section of the story, because now on it’s 3rd season of being the main story arc, it’s had its run. One of the joys of the program has been meeting new people, and the show needs an injection of new blood after 3 seasons of the same people, and let’s hope they are normal people, that talk normally, and don’t belong in a cartoon!

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