Molly’s Game Review

Molly’s Game stars the ever delightful Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba and is based on the true story of Molly Bloom. A skier forced to retire due to multiple unfortunate injuries.

The story is told in the perspective of Molly in the present, as she narrates over scenes of her past, which for the most part is done whilst she is talking to her defence lawyer, Charlie Jaffey. A seemingly popular way to always do films of this type these days.

From here Molly gets caught up with an illegal poker game, and after an altercation with her boss, steals the game and the players. As the story progresses Molly let’s things get by a little too easily, and joining her game of movie and sports stars, ends up being the Russian Mob, and it’s here how Molly ends up in her current situation after being arrested by the FBI.

Her lawyer eventually comes to the conclusion that Molly, despite being guilty of running the poker game, is by no means the person she is being made out to be in the press.

Elbas’ scenes in the film are much less than Chastain’s but in takes Elba to be on the screen to deliver some passion. His character is humane, understanding, and at the same time brutal for want of a better word. It’s good to see Elba playing a role where he gets to throw his voice and conviction around rather than his muscle.

Chastain is also great in her role, she’s rapidly becoming a Hollywood golden girl, and seems to have a knack of picking a good role. Hopefully this continues and we don’t see her walking into any Hollywood summer blockbusters any time soon, because it would be a massive waste of her talents.

The poker parts of the film, are perhaps a little draining, no one is probably watching this film for a lesson in playing poker, and some of this falls flat.

The film goes on for approx 2 hours and 20 minutes, with the final 20 or so taking part in the courtroom. The problem with the courtroom scenes is that after two hours of watching the story unfold, you kind of just want the film to end now. I love a good court room drama, but as this section is both, rushed and non eventful to be honest, it could have been argued that simply putting the detail of what happened on the screen in written dialogue would have been just as acceptable.

Overall this is an enjoyable film, but it’s probably a watch once affair. Is it worth a trip to the cinema for. If you’re big fans of of either Chastain or Elba, then yes, otherwise, you can probably wait for it to be available in the home, and watch on a drab Sunday afternoon.

Score: 7/10



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