January’s Bluray/Streaming Movie Micro Reviews

Not going back to work until the 4th of January saw me able to carry on throwing out a number of film watches before delving more into the cinema as some great releases came out, as already posted. My blog seems to have turned into movie review central lately.

A Ghost Story (2017) – IMDb
Guy dies, and haunts the house he and his girlfriend lived in.


“Ex then moves out and he gets stranded in the house, which then gets bulldozed and turned into office blocks. He seemingly tries to kill himself, which then results in him going back in time to the old house to haunt himself and his ex.”


Quite a moving film, that explores death and loneliness.

It (TV Mini-Series 1990) – IMDb
A re-watch of the original before watching the new film. It’s actually aged pretty well all things considered

It (2017) – IMDb
The new version, which is more the telling of the kids story rather than done from a flashback perspective. A lot of scenes from the original are re-hashed, all in all it’s a good re-boot film, but considering the hysteria the trailers caused, it wasn’t as good as I expected, or because maybe I watched the original just hours before took away from it because I knew what to expect, and it may be worth actually not (re)watching the original first.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) – IMDb
Brilliant, I almost forgot just how funny this is. So many brilliant scenes, will now go on a binge of watching the follow ups also.

American Made (2017) – IMDb
This would probably have been more enjoyable had Tom Cruise actually not been at the height of being annoying in this. The narrator parts and the parts where he talks into the camera just seemed to annoy me so much that it stopped me enjoying this. Other than that this could have been another good film in an ever growing collection of Pablo Escobar related movies.

October Sky (1999) – IMDb
The true story of a young American lad in a coal mining town who decided he didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps and choose to enter a national science fair with his friends and went on to become an engineer at NASA.

Good Time (2017) – IMDb
Utter rubbish. No idea why this has such highly regarded reviews. Poor writing, poor direction, poor acting and generally just a really poor film. I can’t even be bothered to go into it, so I’ll just nick the IMDB blurb: After a heist goes awry, a bank robber spends a night trying to free his mentally ill brother from being sent to Riker’s Island prison.

The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991) – IMDb
More of the same Frank Drebin tom foolery, doesn’t quite have the charm of the original, but still some good laughs.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) – IMDb
Decided to watch this anyway despite the fact re-watching the original was a bad decision. Instead I came out of this one appreciating it a lot more than I did at the time, and actually thinking that this film is actually the better of the two. Instead of trying to be be, whatever the original was trying to be, this flips Gremlins on his head. It’s now just a comedy, a pretty decent one. It takes the piss out of itself, there’s lots of satire, tangents, and generally, it’s just a lot more fun than the original.

Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) – IMDb
Vince Vaughan stars as the hard knock you wouldn’t want to piss off, but if you know him, is probably alright kind of guy. Gets sent down after being caught up with some muppets on a drug run and then gets caught up in a blackmail scenario whilst inside the slammer. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) – IMDb
A film you put on because you realise you’ve watched the others but never finished it off, then as you’re watching it, you remember why you never bothered, and that the title of the film tells you all you need to know. Basically 2 odd hours of battles. Yawn.

The Glass Castle (2017) – IMDb
About a troubled family who are pursued by law agencies. Always seemingly on the run, moving from squat to squat, from city to city. Until eventually the kids grow older and have enough and plan to leave. Told from the perspective of the older girl who is about to get married and we keep seeing various flashbacks. The long and short of it is we can’t choose our family, but no matter how badly they treat us, it’s hard to just give up on them. Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts are on on their game.

Kenny (2017) – IMDb
A sort of biography of Liverpool FC legend Kenny Dalglish, his rise from Scotland, and most importantly his dealings with 2 of Britains worst Sporting disasters. Hillsbrough will seemingly haunt this man forever.

The Young Offenders (2016) – IMDb
Couple of Irish lads go in search of washed up cocaine. It’s mildly amusing.

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) – IMDb
Frank Drebin comes out of retirement to help his old Police Squad buddies foil a terrorist attack. Too many cameos hurt the film, but still a good laugh.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – IMDb
Something that will no doubt get watched countless times over the coming years, and will probably cement it’s place as being my favourite film of 2017

Supersonic (2016) – IMDb
A look back at Oasis during the first two albums and the lead up to the Knebworth concert.

Cast Away (2000) – IMDb
Tom Hanks finds himself in a spot of bother yet again as he gets stranded on an island after the FedEx plane he is travelling on gets caught up in a storm and crashes down into the Ocean.

Batman Returns (1992) – IMDb
Tim Burton’s follow up to Batman and is one of my favourite films of the caped crusader.

Wind River (2017) – IMDb
So many of these crime stories these days are better told on the TV than on the cinema screen, it’s hard to put a murder story into 2 hours these days, and while this is a little slow paced it tells the investigation well enough and has an explosive ending that makes it all worthwhile. Good performances from Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner.

The Foreigner (2017) – IMDb
Best Jackie Chan film in a long long while. His daughter gets killed in a apparent IRA explosion in London and he wants the names of the people responsible. Cue a trip to Northern Ireland to talk to some Irish Government, one of which played by Pierce Brosnan. Of course Jackie gets to kick ass, but in a more conventional and totally straight way. No comedy here.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) – IMDb
Loved the first film and despite this one having a lot more American involvement which kind of took away the Britishness of it. Julianne Moore plays a great villain. I still really enjoyed it and some good laugh out loud moments. One of my new favourite franchises I think. Hope they can keep up the high standards.

Detroit (2017) – IMDb
‘Fact based’ drama on the 1967 Detroit riots. Majority of the film is based around one night and one incident of police brutality. I’d have liked to have seen more of the court room drama to be honest but that only gets about 30 minutes at the end.

Victoria & Abdul (2017) – IMDb
Surpringsly enjoyable in a typical British flick kind of way, plenty of amusing moments and Judi plays Victoria (again) really well.

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