How re-enable wake on lan on Windows 10 after feature update

Wake on LAN is an incredibly useful feature, especially if you need to remote onto a machine. In a corporate environment you’ve probably got more of a grasp on this when building your base image, however even some features then still have to be re-installed after a feature update, such as Active Directory tools! Madness.

If you have the ability to remote control your machines at home and have a router or device that’s capable of sending wake on lan packets this again can be incredibly useful when you suddenly need to get at some data, or trigger something off.

However so far with every Windows 10 feature update I’ve noticed it’s knocked off my wake on lan settings every time.

With the Spring Creators Update (1803) build around the corner, I thought it was wise to remind myself of how you actually turn it back on.

The culprit, is Windows fast startup! This needs to be disabled for Wake on lan to work.

To do this, do the following:

Search control panel, and open it.

Click or search for the power options

In the left pane, select choose what the power buttons do

Next towards the top click on the change settings that are currently unavailable link.

Then simply untick the pesky turn on fast startup check box which has annoyingly re-ticked itself after the feature update!

You should now be able to power on your Windows 10 PC again with a wake on lan packet!


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5 thoughts on “How re-enable wake on lan on Windows 10 after feature update”

  • Well, I just updated to version 1803 and it broke WOL. I followed the steps you outlined above and it’s still broke. Any other ideas?

    1. Afraid not, the same happened to me, again!! But re-enabling this fixed it.

      I assume WOL is still enabled also in your BIOS.

      1. Thanks for the reply. When I asked Windows 10 to check for a NIC driver update, it said there was none; i.e., I was using the most up-to-date driver. On a whim, I went to Intel’s web site yesterday and looked for a driver update. There was one. I installed it, and now WOL works again.