How to get Cheap Cinema tickets

Remember Orange Wednesdays?

Great wasn’t it. Except for having to queue up and arrive extra early as it was always chaos as everyone cashed in their 2 for 1 cinema ticket offers.

Orange Wednesdays ran from 2003 to 2015, so when the offer came to an end, it was a big blow to Orange (now EE) customers and their friends who would often ask a buddy for their ‘code’ if they weren’t an Orange customer themselves and were not using the code that week.

Compare the Market took the public outcry for the offer seriously and decided to launch their own version of the same product, with the added benefit you can also use it on a Tuesday as well as a Wednesday. Compare the Market sells insurance, and to claim the offer you need to buy some form of insurance from them. The offer is clearly not as popular as it was on the mobile network, or maybe it’s because the extra day just means less queues on a Wednesday. Either way it’s possible to get the 2 for 1 cinema tickets offer via Compare the Market for next to nothing.

Simply search for one days travel insurance in the UK, and you can pretty much get the product for about £5 or less. This is an excellent way of bagging yourself 2 for 1 cinema tickets for the year without buying overly expensive car or home insurance, which are the most common types of insurance.

There’s also other ways to get cheap entry to the cinema.

If you’re a University student, check out the deals that are available via the NUS.

If your employer is part of a ‘perks at work’ scheme, it’s also likely you can gain access to cinemas with a nice discount. I know for a fact you can via my employer and this is currently the reason why I’ve been able to see so many films over the past couple of months during the top notch Oscar’s season. Some of them even allow discount e-codes on snacks and drinks, so look out for those.

The cinema’s themselves also have their own deals.

Vue, for example do a Super Monday deal where if you register via their website you can access tickets all day on a Monday for just £4.99. This is even better than my employer discount scheme.

Cineworld do their unlimited card, which is £17.90 a month at writing, it seems to be creeping up in price every year lately. This is obviously only worth it if Cineworld is your regular cinema and you go at least 3 times a month!

Odeon do the same offer as Cineworld, their card is £17.99

Showcase cinemas have an insider card, which is free, and gives 10% discounts on tickets.

Know of any other cinema offers? Post them below.

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