Aliens @ Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen. Custard Factory. Birmingham

The Mockingbird Cinema and kitchen in the urban, artsy, hipster etc area of Digbeth in Birmingham City Centre offers another take on the small independent cinema circuit in Birmingham. Clearly inspired by The Electric cinema this one screen cinema shows the latest releases and often, like the electric, will have themed showings and old films, and it’s those old films that to be honest that get me out to both the electric and here. These days if I want to see the latest Hollywood blockbusters, it makes sense to see them on a big a screen as possible and with the best sound systems available.

While it feels unique and nostalgic to re-watch something you’ve already seen countless times at a small cinema like this.

What the Mockingbird can offer however unlike the Electric, is a proper bar and food experience also. With just about enough seating if you get there at least a couple of hours before your film showing you should have no issues grabbing a table, getting a few beers and perhaps enjoying a burger as well before hand. Burgers are between £8 and £10 and served with fries, so a typical City Centre price. You may want to explore the old crown pub however which is just round the corner and also serves proper pub grub for around the same price and obviously the beers will be cheaper too. Plus it’s one of the oldest pubs in Birmingham so you’d be doing yourself a dis service by not venturing into there also.

Another good thing the Mockingbird does every so often also is the £1 cinema showings, which can often be latest releases, and also a brunch club.

As for the film we saw recently there, it was the 1986 James Cameron sci-fi sequel classic Aliens. I’ve seen this film so many times, but it’s always a pleasure to be able to sit down and watch it yet again on a bigger screen, with a good sound system, and with friends where a phone can not be used to distract you part way through. It also became a bit of a quote fest. With people talking along with some of those classic Marine catch phrases from the film. I also noticed a few little things on the bigger screen that I had actually not noticed before so it was certainly worth while seeing this film, yet again. I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

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*It may read like one, but this isn’t a sponsored post! We paid four our tickets, food and beers, with our own heard earned cash!

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