February’s Bluray/Streaming Movie Micro Reviews

A bit late with this post this month. Whoopsie. A less busier month after the holiday period saw lots of films watched at home, but here’s what I did watch last month.

The Mountain Between Us (2017) – IMDb
Random couple get stranded on a mountain with a dog after their small craft crashes. This isn’t really the ‘disaster’ film I was hoping for, and turned out to be a completely unrealistic soppy love story.

The Snowman (2017) – IMDb
Everything about this film said I should have loved it, however it’s just plainly poorly executed and with a terrible predictable ending. Every cliche that you could ever put into a murder/mystery/serial killer story is here and there is a reason a lot of this stuff gets made for multipart TV dramas these days.

Loving Vincent (2017) – IMDb
Each frame is apparently done by oil painting. It looks good, too good, and it does appear to have been based off green screen type stuff (Loving Vincent: The film made entirely of oil paintings) However I did find some of it to make me feel a little dizzy. Probably just me.
The story itself is about a lad who is trying to deliver Vincent’s last letter, and ends up being a kind of investigation into his last days of being alive.

I’m giving it a 6/10 but that’s mainly for how the film was done to be fair. The story itself really isn’t that interesting, but it’s a feat in film-making.

Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) – IMDb
If you’ve seen the others you know what to expect. A few laughs, silliness and a happy ending.

Daddy’s Home (2015) – IMDb
A typical Will Ferrell comedy, they arn’t as good as they used to be, but how many time can you tell the same jokes. Still has a few highlights thou.

Miss Sloane (2016) – IMDb
Absolutely loved this, but then I do have a thing for American politics and combined with Jessica Chastain who is probably my favourite actress at the moment it was going to be a hit for me from the off. It’s also a good time to watch this sort of film. It’s centered around gun control, and American politicians almost have to be convinced or blackmailed into which way they are going to vote. With it being a mid-term in 2018 in America and guns again being the center of attention, it’s a very current climate film. Let’s hope the potential mass walkouts from Schools happen, because it’s clear the only way reform will happen on this in the states is by mass people power.

Munich (2005) – IMDb
Based on the Black September aftermath and the group of men ‘hired’ by the Government to eliminate those responsible.

Marshall (2017) – IMDb
Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice on a case has he also trains up his first white colleague.

Last Flag Flying (2017) – IMDb
What looks like a good fun film as 3 war vets help one of their former comrades in retrieving the body of his dead son from war turns out to just be a stereotypical American film that covers every cliche possible about ex war vets.

Crooked House (2017) – IMDb
An old Agatha Christie tale with what was back then i guess a bit of a dark twist. These days, it’s not that exciting or anything new, some good performances thou.



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