How to move the location of your OneDrive folder on Windows 10

OneDrive has become my go to place for online storage these days, mainly because Microsoft have been shoving it in my face more and more with Windows 10, and the fact that I managed to keep hold of my 15GB of space before they started reducing the size of them. So compared to the free 5GB I get from Apple, and the additional faff of installing apps like Google Drive and Dropbox to use the other services it seemed to make sense to just start using the tool that was in front of me as soon as I powered on my PC. Indeed OneDrive has also matured loads and offers pretty much all of the standard features you also get from Google and Dropbox, such as just right clicking a file and being able to create a shared link.

The only slight annoyance was the insistence of OneDrive being on my computers C drive as part of my profile. I didn’t really want it there. I’ve got two drives in my laptop (yes two drives not two partitions, lucky me) and the bigger drive is used to store my documents, while the smaller drive just has Windows and my programs on, making it easy for me to trash Windows should I need too without the worry of having to ensure all my backups were up to date, which I obviously still do, if I’m about to blow Windows away for a fresh install, but it also covers my backside should Windows ever decide to throw a wobbly, which in all fairness to Windows these days, it hardly ever does.

So I wanted it to look at and sync with a folder on my other drive, but how did I get it to do this.

First, right click the OneDrive cloud logo and select settings

Next choose unlink this PC in the Account tab

Click Unlink account

At this point, if you want to move the data to the location of where you really want it, then now is the time to do so, or you can just delete the data, and OneDrive will re-download it all to your new folder, but if you have a lot of data like me, such as 9.9GB in your OneDrive, it will be much easier and faster to just move it all to where you actually want it to be. Also, make sure you move the actual OneDrive folder itself.

When you unlinked the PC you should have been left with the OneDrive login window, if not re-launch OneDrive and enter your email address

Follow that up of course with your password.

Next comes the important screen as seen below. Click on the change location link.

Use the Windows File explorer to then select the root of where you want your OneDrive folder to be or where you copied your OneDrive folder to.

Click next, and you’re then done, bar some adverts to probably get you to sub to Office 365 and a tutorial.

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