April is Rosacea Awareness Month

You’ll know that from a couple of previous posts:
The Male Rosacea Diary – August 2017
The Male Rosacea Diary – September 2017

That I suffer with Rosacea. You’ll have noticed that I haven’t posted about it much since. That’s mainly because not a lot has changed since those posts.

I still suffer with it, and have hit and miss days, and even prolonged spells in fact now is one of those spells,I still use the same treatment, which is the Metrosa gel but this can also cause severe bouts of flaky skin. So I’m having to give the gel a rest to let the flaky skin die down, but this is also causing redness bouts.

To counter act it, I’ve actually moved away from the moisturiser  I recommended in the previous posts and actually started using a colour corrector. This one to be precise.

The green counteracts the red when applied gently with a brush.

I’ve also recently decided to grow a beard! Combined with wearing specs, using the makeup, and the Metrosa gel, I seem to have enough distractions going on my face that it takes the signifience of the Rosacea away quite a lot!

As a male sufferer finding information can be tough, as make up is very much an arena for ladies and for guys, the lengthy process some girls go through to apply make up can seem daunting.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below, or even hit me up on Twitter if you want to be more private.

However if you haven’t already, in the first instance, please go and see your GP and see if there is anything they can prescribe to you, they may even be able to refer you to a dermatologist if you wish to get assistance with how to cover up.

For other resources, check out the following links.

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