Upload to Instagram from your Windows/Linux/Mac PC using Ramme

Ahh, Instagram.

One of my more favourite social media platforms, where I can look at cats, food, holiday pictures and not have to read words. Until someone posts one of those quote-gram type things and misses the point of Instagram.

One of the biggest bug bears for me has been when I’ve been using another camera instead of my iPhone to take pictures and then wanting to share that picture. The official Windows 10 Instagram app is OK if you want to just view your feed, but it’s not possible to upload to Instagram from it. The app is designed for Windows 10 phones/tablets so on a PC, it gets its knickers in a right twist.

Again, you can view on the Instagram website, but not upload.

Can I really be bothered in emailing/or messing about with iCloud on my PC to upload photos there so they go to my phone, or even using the camera’s inbuilt Wi-Fi network and app to transfer them to my phone. I don’t even want to keep them on my phone, so I’m going to delete them again afterwards. I don’t want to faff, I just want to upload from my PC.

Enter Ramme.

An unofficial Instagram app for desktop PCs.

Once installed Ramme lets you view your Instagram feed, obviously, but also allows you to view stories as if you were viewing Instagram on your smartphone:

But best of all, clicking on the + button at the bottom allows you to browse your photo library on your PC and your networked devices so you can select a photo you have just transferred from your camera, maybe even touched up in Photoshop, and straight away upload it, without having to faff about sending it to your phone.

And yes, I can see the question that’s on the edge of your tongue, you can indeed still apply filters too!

The edit tab allows you to rotate and zoom in and out as you would also do on your phone.

Once you’re happy, click next to add your caption. and then share your photo. The only feature that doesn’t seem to work is location if you wanted to tag where the picture was taken, but of course you can easily do this with your phone once the image is posted and edit it there. Editing the location, takes far less time than it does faffing about getting the photo to your phone, so it’s a small price to pay.

For more information and to download Ramme in order to install it to your PC, you can visit the project at Github here.

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