Blockers Review

If you include the logo of this film in it’s titles, it’s actually called Cock Blockers.

Which should give you an idea of what this film is about.

It falls into the genre of American College humour comedy, which for some reason, even though I am 2 years off from hitting 40, I still find hilarious. Seth Rogan is a hero, and he is a producer of some sort on this film. It also spins the genre, this isn’t about guys setting out to get their ends away, instead it’s about a group of girls, who want to get out there and explore sex and that it’s not the kids that find this scary the most. It’s actually the parents!

However it’s the unlikely duo of Leslie Mann, playing the same role she plays in literally everything these days, and why not, she’s got it down to a T, and John Cena the WWE wrestler, who finally puts in a performance of note that steal the show. Cena like his ring character is probably better suited to being a muscly goofy guy than he actually is anything macho. Ike Barinholtz also stars as the 3rd parent, but is a bit of a stereotype, but does have an awesome moment towards the end of the film with his daughter after she makes a grand revelation that also gives the film a very cool modern take on sexuality.

After the 3 parents discover their daughters are in a sex pact to lose their virginity on prom night, the parents set out to stop this from happening. I won’t spoil too much, watch the trailer above for some samples, there’s plenty of vomit, cock jokes and some hilarious butt-chugging. What teenage comedy wouldn’t be complete without them. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments in this, which to be honest. I wasn’t expecting. I was expecting this to be a little rubbish, but as far as comedy goes, it hits the spot and allows you to leave all your worries behind for 90 minutes or so.

It’s a positive authentic sex comedy, putting the girls and parents in the limelight, perhaps a first, and by doing so, will appeal to both teens and parents alike.

Final score:



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