Dua Lipa @ Genting Arena Birmingham

22 year old Dua Lipa has arrived on the pop music scene like an asteroid hitting the planet. Her popularity is soaring thanks to winning Best British Breakthrough Act and Best Female Solo Artist prizes at the Brit Awards back in February. I’ll be honest I hate award shows and think they are a waste of time, but Dua will perhaps think otherwise as she sees her stock rise on the back of the wins. On Tuesday night (17th April 2018) she arrived in Birmingham for her biggest show to date, performing in front of 15,000 people. That would probably be surpassed just days later but the cockney born Albanian who moved to Kosovo and back appears grateful and humbled that so many people have come out to see her.

The show itself in terms of music was as good as you can ask for. Dua, her band and her backing singers were pretty much spot on throughout the whole night, in fact so good, if it wasn’t for the crowd participation moments you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to the album if you closed your eyes. A testament to the performers on stage and the sound crew.

Be The One is the song I’ve primarily come here for. She knocks it out of the park with a stunning performance and crowd sing a long and playing nice to the audience that all sides of the arena sang just as loud as the other, so called the audience participation part a tie!

Other big hitters IDGAF and New Rules came in the encore. A visual written introduction to IDGAF was somewhat blue with it’s language, but the song itself isn’t exactly squeaky clean anyway. There’s a lot of young kids in the crowd, mainly girls, probably under 13 for the majority as well, most of course accompanied by parents, so they must have known to expect this. Dua’s stage attire was also somewhat to be desired, for the most part just strutting around in a bra. Humble she may be, but a role model she is not. Parenting in 2018 is a nightmare!

Pictures: Emma Turner, The Express & Star

The major thing that let the show down, was the choreography. Now I’m no expert in putting on pop shows, but this was bad. I mean, really quite bad. Dua clearly cannot dance. Majority of the time we’re jogging on the spot or just whaling our arms around in no fashionable way. Ok that’s fine, but if she can’t dance, don’t make her. What was worse, was her two dancing sidekicks, were doing the same dances, majority of the time all out of sync with each other as well. I’ve seen better dance routines done in less than a week on X Factor with a non professional singer, and that’s how this should have been done.

Some examples can be found below, as well as some good singing obviously! 🙂

Set list:

Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

Dreams/No Lie (Sean Paul cover)

My Love (Wale cover)

Lost in Your Light


Last Dance

Be The One

Thinking ‘Bout You

New Love


Bad Together

Scared to be Lonely (Martin Garrix cover)


No Goodbyes

Hotter Than Hell




New Rules

Overall: 7/10

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