GDPR is go. What people like me need to know when you run your own site/blog

If you live in the UK or Europe, you’ve probably been receiving a ton of emails with updated terms and conditions and perhaps been spotting a common theme in them all. Something called GDPR.

GDPR stand for General Data Protection Regulation and gives you, yes you, and me, a lot more say about how our data is used by anyone that wants to collect it.

You can opt out of data collection, and you can clearly notify anyone or company that you want all the information they have on you to be deleted. You should also be able to ask easily for said company to tell you all they known about you already.

In terms of social media, Google and Facebook have been offering something like this for a while, where you can download all the data they have on you. Apple have also recently introduced something similar in order to comply with GDPR.

Not only that if you work for a company, private or public sector, it’s likely you’ve been getting lessons on this too, because data breaches are now going to cost companies a fortune if they are found guilty of giving out personal information. The rule of thumb is, if you are communicating with someone from outside your company, and there is a need to send any information to that person or company and it contains personal information of other people. Think first.

I’m not going to give you a lesson on secure forms of communication here, that’s for your employers to decide how they wish to do it, but just make sure you conform to whatever rules they have decided to use, one simple slip up could likely cost you your job, and possibly result in a fine that could put your company out of business.

The BBC recently put up this really good article on GDPR

I, obviously run this website, it’s a personal blog. The only place where I might collect information, is if you comment on a post and fill in the email address form. Most people put in a load of rubbish anyway, but rest assured, I’m not collecting this information to mass mail you at a later date, or to sell the information to 3rd parties.

In fact, I now have a privacy policy, which you can read here.

If you run a wordpress blog and are confused about what you need to do for GDPR, I would recommend you at the very least install the following add ons. The first will change your forms to ensure the wording is correct, and the second will generate you a privacy policy for free.

WP GDPR Compliance

Privacy Policy Genius

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