The Pickled Piglet Birmingham Review

After walking around the National Sea Life Centre and The IKON Gallery in Brindley Place a week or so ago, it was time to get fed. I first visited The Pickled Piglet a couple of years ago and had not been back since, so as it was only a short walk away it seemed a good time to re visit.

We arrived just before 2pm, and the lunch menu was still on offer.

Pickled Piglet lunch menu
Pickled Piglet lunch menu

We were the only people sitting upstairs, one other person was at the bar downstairs, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves, which considering it was a nice day, the location is just a short work from the canals, was a surprise.

We both ordered the flatbread, with me having the skin on chips on the side and my partner the Anya potatoes. Both also having a Peroni to accompany our feast.

The flatbread arrived as per the picture below, and I keep telling myself that the next thing I order that arrives on a plank of wood, I’ll be sending it back and asking for a plate. Again hunger seemed to have me pre-occupied and I never did do this. I perhaps should have, not only is there a chance the wood is bacteria infested, it made it literally impossible to use a knife and fork without it going all over the table.

In the end I decided to brave just using my hands and trying to keep it either on the bread or in my mouth. Obviously I failed miserably and it went everywhere, however this is not a problem, messy food is my kingdom and you’ll often find me in other such haunts serving dirty burgers.

The good news is, is that it was tasty. The pulled pork with the combination of salad, spring onion. creme fraiche and finey chopped chilli slices gave it a slight kick that left a colourful taste in your mouth and wanting more. The skin on chips were also delicious, if perhaps a little too salty. My partner said the same for her Anya Potatoes.

Upon paying our bill, we were still the only people upstairs!

I’d recommend visiting the pickled piglet, and hope it’s somewhat busier the majority of the time during lunch than it was on this day. I’d like to return for an evening meal instead, perhaps next time I’m going to a show at the arena. It’s however a little dissapointing to see the pig cheeks are no longer on the main menu which were the main reason for me wanting to come back after the first visit a couple of years back.

Visit the Pickled Piglet website

Lunch was paid for with our own hard earned cash, and this post is completely independent and not sponsored in any way.

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