I grew a beard

I decided to grow a beard. This revelation came on Boxing Day (December 26th to non British readers) whilst on an outing to Liverpool FC to watch them trash Swansea City 5-0 at Anfield.

From there on, apart from the people that saw me regularly I pretty much kept this project under wraps.

I have struggled to do this in the past. Normally I’d get to two weeks tops, and if the itching wasn’t driving me crazy, I’d probably plucked the majority of the hair out of my chin leaving a little bald patch which would look really weird. This time however I fully went for it and went through the itch barrier and even managed to stop myself from plucking at it.

There was no method to that, other than being disciplined, and upon reading up on a couple of articles on beard growing there really isn’t anything magical about it other than patience and discipline.

Patience in particular I cannot state enough.

For me to get the desired look of where I wanted to go, this took approx 8 weeks! Obviously it’s pretty much impossible to hide away for that long and come out of a cave with your new glorious manly face for the world to see, so unfortunately some people are just going to have to witness you going through the fluff growth stage. Luckily for me I decided not long into my Christmas break from work, so I got the majority of the first two weeks out of the way without too many people seeing me other than close friends and family.

After that your work buddies are just going to have to enjoy the ride with you, and be prepared for the ribbing’s. Don’t be put off. See out those first 8 weeks. 8 weeks is a long time in the grand scheme of things to get where you may need to get too. Obviously you could do it in less if you’re not after a big butch beard like myself. But shaving off something that’s took weeks to get where you are in a matter of minutes just because of a few ribbing s seems counter productive. So be prepared to deal with those ‘you got bum fluff on your face mate’ jokes!

Luckily most of my colleagues thought me growing a beard was actually a good idea. I guess I couldn’t get much uglier right? The fact I’m bald probably emphasised the matter and as I had a bit of grey growing into it too. It apparently made me look wise, and also a little bit hard!

Maybe I’ll have to ditch the specs and go back to contacts if there’s a slight chance I might actually look like a double hard bastard! Which is an hilarious concept in itself.

Other simple advice would be to decide on your neck line as soon as possible. Ideally draw a line from your ears and have them join in a curve. It should end up around two fingers above your adams apple. From here get the razor out and shave your neck and keep it smooth so it doesn’t blend in with your chin hair. I have a pretty deep chin that comes out quite a way from my neck, so this was obviously an advantage. If you’re a double or even triple chin sufferer, you’ll need to work out where to place your neck line.

Use beard oil. There’s lots of it available, some of it is ridiculously priced, but there really is no need to spend loads on this. I used Bulldog, and will go into more depth with this product in a review as seriously, yes, beard oil, does warrant a whole article to itself. This will really transform how you grow your beard! That will follow in just a few days time, so if the link doesn’t work, check back in a few days.

Use scissors. Don’t get the beard trimmer out too soon, in fact if you can help it, don’t use one at all. Get some good hair scissors and for any straggling hair or anything thats running off wildly away from the rest of your face, trim it down with hair scissors instead. This will keep things looking a lot more natural. Also this is easily the best way to keep on top of the hair around your mouth. Don’t let the hair above your lip or just below get out of control. Keep it short, over time the thickness will grow anyway making it look bold enough even when short, but this way it keeps food from getting trapped in your face (never a good look) and should you have a significant other, they won’t be put off from still wanting to put their lips close to yours!

Shampoo and condition it. Like the hair on your head, it will develop dandruff. This will also help keep it smooth, instead of being sharp and bristly.

As you can see from my progress in two months, you don’t totally need to transform your morning routine to add a little hair to your face. Just a little bit of maintenance and slapping on some oil is all you need to do along with the keyword I mentioned at the start. Patience.

The look I was going for was the ‘Triple H’ look as seen below. Next to that is how I look just several days before finishing this post. I’m pretty happy with my progress.


Featured Image courtsey of WikiHow

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