How to add dictionaries and spellcheck to Firefox

If like me you’ve recently done the complete switch over to Firefox now it’s super fast again you’ll notice there’s one slightly annoying thing it does not do out the box like Chrome does, and that’s check your spelling as you’re going along.

When you check your settings in Firefox you can see that the feature is turned on, so why doesn’t it work?

It turns out you need to install a dictionary as well.

Once you know how to do this, it’s actually quite simple.

Click the burger menu and select add-ons, and then on the left menu, choose dictionaries.

From here you can simply type English into the search bar and use any of the dictionaries that are available. They are generally sorted by popularity and you can also see when they were last updated, so you can ensure you’re using something that’s getting regular updates.

Me, I’m actually using a more less popular dictionary by Marco Pinto who keeps his British English Dictionary but has many advantages and features, of which you can read about here and it’s when you use a dictionary like this, you realise why Mozilla did this, instead of just having an out of the box solution. Doing it this way, makes for a much more powerful dictionary and above all, user choice on what they use!

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