Summerish Hiatus

Isn’t the weather glorious?

If you’re in the UK then you’ll know, that, yes, yes it is.

I often say that if we have a poor winter then we get an amazing summer, and so far that’s holding true again for 2018. Although there’s no scientific evidence to prove this always happens.

Anyway, the glorious weather, along with the World Cup and plenty of Cricket and F1 going on has meant a lot of weekends out and about, and also evenings stuck in glued to the television set.

My backlog of existing posts have all been posted, but I do still have 61 draft posts awaiting to be finished. So there’s plenty to come, and they will come, when I get round to finishing them.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue to enjoy the sun, the football and the cricket. Hopefully you won’t have to wait for winter before I get back up to speed.

In the meantime, here’s some stuff to wet your appetite on what will be coming soon:

  • Tons more tech articles, including some app packaging articles for troublesome applications no one else has seemed to detail a process for (how exciting)
  • More movie reviews, although by the time I write up about the ones I’ve seen at the cinema I’m sure they will be long off the big screen. We’ll see what I can do, maybe I can muster a quick post together for Hans Solo and a few others.
  • Boardgames reviews!
  • More beard talk
  • More product reviews including a George Foreman Grill (wow) Xbox One S and various games, a Chainsaw (ooooooh) and my latest big purchase a new (used) car (ahhhhhhhhhhh)
  • Places I’ve visited, including: Maxstoke Castle, The Castle at Edgehill, National Motor Museum, Middleton Lakes, Winterbourne House & Gardens, Coventry Cathedral and Motor Museum, The Potteries Museum and art galleries, The Birmingham Prom and more….

Until then, catch you all soon.

Headline picture via Matthew Baker

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