Call of Duty: WWII Review (Xbox One)

As someone that does not really enjoy multiplayer games, especially of the first person shooter category, it would be understandable to question the purchase of this game for single player purposes.

Indeed you should most certainly wait for a price drop before even considering getting it, as essentially you’ll only play about 33% of the whole package.

The single player campaign does the typical formula which we’ve now got used to in COD games, which is take control of a particular person to make the story more personal.

In this particular story, we’ll follow Daniels as the Americans (obviously, it’s a shame the developers didn’t decide to follow British soldiers) through key moments such as D-Day and the liberation of Paris.

It’s a good story, one of the better COD ones in a long while, and for the kids who didn’t just dive straight into multiplayer, is a good history lesson into the American/British efforts towards the end of the war.

There is of course the usual massive cinematic moments, but what made this more enjoyable, was there was a bit more thinking involved. This wasn’t just a typical run and gun, find cover. The fact you now needed to find health kits rather than just hide in cover and let your man recover added a better dimension, and the special abilities of your comrades needed to be taken into account to move on in various sections.

Whilst none of it was exactly brain taxing it made the effort less boring than some of the efforts which had come before.

The campaign, whilst trying to grab as many achievements as possible for me, lasted 13 hours. Far longer than your usual COD campaign which can usually be completed in half the time.

As well as gunning on the ground, there’s also the odd tank and plane missions which were also an enjoyable experience which is not something you always used to get in COD games and was reserved more for the battlefield franchise.

Overall the single player campaign is enjoyable and refreshed enough to make it a return to form, it’s now such a shame that this may well have been the final edition of COD to include a single player campaign as the most recent release Black Ops 4, does not include one.


Final Score 4/5

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