Current Site appearance aka the Pipdig WordPress theme scandal.

ETA: Despite the post date, this is not an April Fool. Links below that revealed these issues were posted over the weekend before.

Looking at how frequent I update this site lately, it’s obvious I’m not giving it much love. It’s current appearance makes that statement even more true.

Ironically, I’ve just fixed my WordPress so that I once again receive email updates of when people post comments. Apologies on that, not sure what went wrong but clearly some webserver updates somewhere knocked that setting out. It’s now resolved, so for all you people with Tinder, YouTube 24/7 and QNAP issues, I’ll be a bit more on the ball.

Back to this hasty rushed post. Why does the site look so crap again. Some of my first posts were about security and what not, and sods law that’s the main reason the site looks so basic again. Turns out the Theme provider I was using, Pipdig, was doing some rather shady activity behind the scenes. They got busted, and tried to brush it under the carpet. There will be lots of people that stick with them, simply because their blogs ‘look pretty’ but as an IT professional, this is unforgivable and their reputation is severely damaged.

If you have a Pipdig theme yourself, I’ll leave the ball in your court on if you want to continue using them, apparently the latest code now has all the shady activities removed, but will it stay that way?

In the meantime bear with me while I look for new themes.

If you want more information on this, the below is essential reading:

Peculiar PHP Present In Popular Pipdig Power Pack (P3) Plugin

Security alert: pipdig insecure, DDoSing competitors

WordPress theme developers use customers as zombies to launch DDoS to their opponents

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