How to quickly convert TRUEHD 7.1 audio to 5.1 AC3 using TEncoder to watch 4K Movies on LG TV via USB port.

A family member recently joined the 4K revolution after being impressed with my Samsung 4K setup. I mainly get most of my 4K content via UHD bluray discs and via streaming services on an Apple TV 4K.

They had upgraded the TV to a 50″ LG and would mainly be getting their content via SkyQ. However I said I’d ripp some of my 4K discs to MKV files so they could watch them using the USB port on the side of the TV. (I know this is naughty!)

All was going well until I threw BumbleBee at the TV. Foreign language streams were available but not English. After checking the audio codecs via it turns out the TV  cannot output TRUEHD or Dolby Atmos 7.1 channel audio via the USB port. The other audio streams were in Dolby Digital 5.1 which the TV could handle fine.

So I needed an easy way to convert the audio in the file without re-doing any of the video, after all we didn’t want to spend hours re-encoding the HDR video. Which had already took about 24 hours!

In order to do this I found a simple program called TEncoder.

TEncoder allows you to convert the audio in a video file while not touching the video and can do it rather quickly. Best of all once you save the profile it pretty much becomes a one click shop for future discs that only have audio streams in 7.1

Download TEncoder from here.

Launch the application once installed.

Click on New/Edit towards the bottom right corner.

Below is the settings I used. AC3 is a pretty standard audio output, it supports 5.1 channels and the LG TV can play the audio format without issue over USB. As per Sony: ‘AC3 is a compression technology term, which is used in place of Dolby Digital. It is essentially Dolby Digital.’

Set the options as per the below screenshot.

* Because we’re making a direct copy of the video codec, the rest of the options in the video options section are redundant, It’s a shame they don’t get greyed out to minimise confusion but it doesn’t matter that the resolution says 720×576 as it will be ignored and the video content of the source will not be changed, only the audio using the above settings.

Once the settings are as above click new and give your profile a name.

Click OK and then click save and close.

Load your MKV file into the application and make sure the audio track you want to convert is selected, it should look like something like the below. Note the Options summary on the right hand side. It should be exactly as per the settings profile we just made, if it isn’t, make sure your saved profile is selected in the profiles field towards the bottom of the window.

Change the output path if need be for where the file will be saved, and then click Encode. Depending on the length of the film this can take between 20 – 40 minutes, but once finished, you’ll have a 4K movie file that previously was unwatchable on the LG WebOS TV via USB due to the TRUEHD or Dolby Atmos 7.1 audio, and will now be watchable with converted AC3 5.1 audio.

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4 thoughts on “How to quickly convert TRUEHD 7.1 audio to 5.1 AC3 using TEncoder to watch 4K Movies on LG TV via USB port.”

  • I followed the directions; I have a 4k mkv with Truehd audio and after going through the steps, after it completed in 29 minutes it converted a 56GB file down to 2GB, which isn’t correct. When I open the file the screen is white and I do have audio. My TEncoder looks just like yours.

  • Thank you very much indeed, and thank you also for the caveat * about the video settings to ignore. That would have driven me mental.